La Ruta Maya 11th January Trip code AUR

Just had balance reminder through and dealt with electronic waver for USA.  Not long to go now.  Anyone else out there booked this trip.     Wanted to do this for ages so getting really excited about it now. 



My wife, Jill, and I are also looking forward to this trip which has been a long time coming for me.  I used to work around Central and Latin America and once got to Teotihuacan (north of Mexico city) and Copan (boder of Honduras and Guatemala) so my appetite for these ruins was whetted but I have had no oppportunity until now to see more.  See you in January


Richard Crookes 

Pleased to hear from someone at last - this trip has been on my 'hit list' for a few years now so really looking forward to it.  Hopefully it will live up to all my expectations.  My other Exodus trips certainly have. I am flying down from Newcastle the day before and staying ovenight so look forward to meeting you.  Brenda


So pleased to find others joining this trip and going on the group flight to Guatemala. I am very excited and look forward to meeting you . I enjoy Exodus trips to wild and interesting places and it is nice to know that Richard knows something about the area. See you soon  Susan Stobbs

It's nearly here Susan, Richard and Jill,

 Just packing to do tomorrow - then its Heathrow here I come. Look out for me at Heathrow on Saturday-   60+ with short grey hair - only 5 ft tall - and will be wearing brown combats and fleece and carrying a small blue back pack as handluggage -sporting the Exodus label of course.

See you soon  Brenda

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