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Land of the Tiger

Anyone going to look for tigers in November? I would love to hear from you as it's my first trip with Exodus and I shall be travelling alone.



Hi there!
I booked onto this last week - my first trip travelling solo, but looking forward to it!



Glad to know that I am not the only one travelling alone, Pete. Visa came today, injections tomorrow, so plans are underway! Diana



 I'm also coming on this trip. Look forward to seeing you in November. I need to get my visa sorted. How did you get yours - post or directly?




I did my visa application online and then posted it - only took a week to come back.  Looking forward to meeting you




Hi, delighted to make contact with other travellers, I'll be joining you at Delhi airport so keep a look out for a dishevelled middle aged lady probably lookin lost !


Hi Linda - glad I am not the only woman on the trip!  I love walking too - I have 4 labradors who prevent me from travelling as often as I would like but they do keep me walking! Diana


LMN Any suggestions about currency as we can't exchange this end and not sure how frequently we'll come across banks or cash machines ?

Diana, delighted to hear you're a dog lady, I had my fourteen year old lab put to sleep on Monday so really looking forward to getting away from this very quiet house !


I have been advised by a friend who lives in Delhi to obtain rupees at the airport bank on arrival and thereafter to use the moneychangers rather than the banks - better exchange rate with them. She says to take sterling rather than traveller's cheques and she also said that restuarants and some shops accept cards.

Linda, so sorry about your dear lab, I know exactly how empty the house feels. Diana



 I'm not on your trip, but I did the same trip last year. Your tour guide should arrange money changing opportunities for you. On our trip he would arrange for a moneychanger to come to the hotel at a set time and these worked out better value than changing money at banks or at the hotels themselves. The guide would tell us how many days it would be before our next chance to change money and how much he would recommend we change. A couple of people ran short when we went to Bandhavgarh but the group lent money between each other so no one went short - from memory when you head there there's about 5 days between money changing opportunities and how much you spend at Kahna and Bandhavgarh depands on how many of the optional game drives you do. Again though, the guide will tell you beforehand how many extra drives are available and how much they cost (although be aware that the cost for extra game drives is per jeep therefore if 8 people want to do a particular drive you'll need 2 jeeps each with 4 people, if only 6 people opt for it then you'll need 2 jeeps each with 3 people so the price per person will increase).

As I say I did this trip last year and it was one of the best, if not the best, trip I've done so far. Hope you all enjoy it!


Hi all

 I'm also on this trip, and travelling alone.  It's my fifth trip with Exodus so I can highly recommend them to newcomers.  I'll be the other dishevelled middle aged lady to look out for, but this time at Heathrow!

Looking forward to meeting you all - Doreen


Have a great time in Rajasthan, Linda - I'm envious, and we'll see you in Delhi on the 7th. Thanks for very useful info about money, Mark.  I'll look out for you at Heathrow, Doreen!Diana

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