Land of the Tiger- AIW-15th / 16th April


Thought i'd get the ball rolling and see if i could find anyone else booked on this trip.

 I'm really looking forward to it.

Really should sort my visa out this weekend though!


Hi there, I'm booked on this trip as well and cannot wait. I managed to sort out my visa a couple of weeks ago. I filled in the online application form on a Sat, posted the paper copy and made payment  on on the Tues and had my passport returned visa attached by fri of the same week so hopefully you shouldn't have too much trouble!


Ooh sounds good. It does make me a little nervous posting off my passport so close to a major holiday. I'm just looking at my options today, before posting it is no longer an option!


Blimey, I thought I had left my visa application late!

Not long to go now! Only 2 short weeks left to work.

Are you on the groupl flight out of Heathrow? I'm flying down from Newcastle on the afternoon to catch it.


Ha ha! It's on it's way back to me, i just need to co-ordinate with a courier company now to get my passport back. Yes i'm on the flight out of Heathrow too. I'm London based so no connecting flight. What were you advised about Maleria tablets? I was told i didn't need them and wanted to check what others had been advised. Are you traveling alone?


I was told I didn't need them the first time I went to see the doc, but didn't realise how far south we were going at the timje so had to go back and see him again. When I went back he recommended some which you can buy over the counter. Better to be safe than sorry where malaria is concerned.

Yeah i'm travelling alone. Are you?


Hi there, I'll be joining you on the trip as well, with my husband Mark.  Can't wait, so excited, hope we see at least one tiger!

I've got malaria tablets - malarone.  We're only going to be in a medium risk malaria zone when down in Kahna, but as you say, better sage than sorry. 

See you all in Heathrow on Friday! 

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