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Land of the Tiger - any fellow travellers out there?

Just booked and can't wait!

Love to hear from you if you're booked to go 9th Feb too - or indeed have been and would like to tell me your experiences! thanks,


Have just booked but departing on 22 February 2012!  Would also love to hear of anyone else on this trip or from those who have already experienced it!

Of course I meant 2013!!!

I just reserved the last place pending confirmation for the 9th feb '13 departure :)

Hi there Gail,

I too am booked for this trip - my 1st with Exodus - am really looking forward to it.  I booked 8 months ago but that time has flown and now I am starting to do all the things that need doing.  Would be interested in chatting to you about this trip, compare notes and hints and tips and ideas etc.

It's my 1st time to India but have been on other wildlife holidays - including Kenya and South Africa.


Hi Pauline

 This is our 11th trip with Exodus - all have been really great.  We have just done the Inca Trail and Amazon rainforest, so saw quite a bit of wildlife.  The reason we chose this trip is that tigers are one of my favourite animals and I sponsor a tiger in Nepal.  Have you got your visa yet and if yes, how much did it cost/which site did you go through?  Also, are you travelling alone or with someone?  I haven't really started thinking about what to take yet, but I always find I don't take enough of one thing or some things just go along for the ride!


Hi Gail,

Don't know if you have done your visa application yet but the site is (forget the www.)  Logged on this pm to try and complete but discovered they need so much info. - including Details of Hotels (including phone no) staying in India!   If you've done yours can you tell me what you put down for this - if not I'll ring Exodus tomorrow.  Apparentely the turn around time is longer than previously advised as well! Any help on this would be appreciated. 


Our first Exodus trip with my wife Sue.  Re the visa, Exodus have details for the "Refernce in India" - I don't know why they didn't provide this info automatically as they tell you almost everything else!  See below -  

You will be asked for details of an on the visa application form. Please put down our local operator in India: Mohan Tickoo, Kash Venture Travels (KVT), 805-806 Ansals Kirti Shikhar, District Centre Janakpuri, New Delhi, 110 058, India. Tel: 0091 11 2552 3807


I did our forms on 5 January and it took about 2 hours by the time you read everything.  For where we were staying and telephone numbers I just gave them the Exodus number in England and said we were staying at Pench!  My only draw back was that I paid on line but didn't print the receipt as I didn't have a printer attached to my computer when I completed the forms and then I couldn't find a way of getting back into the payment receipt when I went to print the information off.  Anyway, I've checked my credit card statement and they've taken the money.  Let's hope they come back soon.

Thank you both for your replies - I got there eventually (despite inititally being given wrong info by Exodus staff) - like you say Gail it takes ages.  I was told by Exodus that it doesn't matter what you put down for the place you're staying at because no-one takes any notice of it anyway!! I tried to pay online but it kept saying that the reference no. I was quoting was incorrect - it was the reference no. they had given me and the one shown on the visa printout - what a nightmare  - definitely need this holiday now.-:)  I think we're lucky to have done them when we did because the price for a visa for UK nationals is going up by about £50.00 from tomorrow. 

I had a look at the camp we're staying at in Pench on the website and it looks very good - it has good feedback.  Do Exodus usually provide a full list of all the camps/hotels that people are staying in?

Visas sent and back within a week!


In the past they have only given details about definite places that they always use.  I guess this is because acting on feedback from clients they do change sometimes after they go to print.

In the 10 trips I've done, there has only been one bad hotel and everyone complained and they didn't use it again.



We've also had our visa back, so we're good to go.

Does anyone have any info on flights yet.  As we live in North Wales, we need to fly down from Manchester to Heathrow and I could do with getting this organised.

Has anyone been to India before and know about any restrictions on taking mobile phones etc.?  There were some odd comments on the Indian Visa website about this (needing a permit?).  I asked a UK-based Indian colleague of mine who flies back to India regularly and she knew nothing about a problem.  In fact, she was there over Christmas and took a blackberry, mobile and Ipad plus 6 iphones as presents for relatives and had no problems. 


Yes, it's a relief to get them back.

On the flight details, thanks for the info, Pauline - strange but I haven't received an invoice and I booked back in October 2012.  As a result, I have no details of flights, hotels etc. - just the detailed trip notes.  When did you receive this?  Was it by post or by email?  I just had an email recently headed "not long to go" that said - "Your final joining instructions and flight details, if booked with us, will be sent out 2 - 3 weeks before departure". 

I've now contacted Exodus re the invoice. 

I had an invoice just after I booked - which was back in April - they sent it via email.  It just gives flight info and prices.  We land in Mumbai 11.25 on Sat. 23rd, depart 15.10 for Nagpur - arriving there 16.35.  Coming back we depart Delhi on 9th March at 13.40, landing back at Heathrow at 17.40.  I'm waiting for their final joining instructions to see if they give us details of all the hotels and if we don't get it shall contact them.

Over and out for now - off to London for a few days tomorrow - snow permitting :-)


We used Travcour as we had heard about price increase and didn't want to risk getting it wrong.After a couple of false starts (and arguments) it was submitted and arrived Saturday,took 4days.we are on the 22/02 trip, now thinking about looks like sterling cash is best and then notify our debit card co. of our trip.Would welcome any advice

10 of us then on the trip leaving 22 Feb.  5 men, 5 women - should be good - smaller than the maximum numbers are better.  Age range 50-70.  Just got to pick up the anti malaria tablets, then good to go and of course empty the bank so we have some sterling to exchange.  Have booked 2 of the additional game drives - how about you?

Are you flying from Heathrow? If so, fancy meeting up at the boarding gate or somewhere?!  Only 5 days to go !!!

Looking forward to meeting you, Chris


Where did you get your informaton, Gail?  Did you phone Exodus?  Anyway 10 sounds like a good number and, if the age range is 50-70, I aren't quite the oldest!  Sue and I have booked all 3 additional game drives offfered.  We've also got our Malarone (expensive business!) and are busy going through our wardrobe's to make sure that we have appropriate clothing - quite difficult with the possible temperature variations.  We decided in the end to travel down by train via London, have lunch in London and then get to the airport late afternoon in plenty of time.

Looking forward to meeting you all.  Cheers!

Bob & Sue 


I just emailed Exodus.  Although they don't give out names anymore you can always find out the demographics of the group. 

Whether they will still keep to the four in a jeep or get 5 in each I don't know.  We are taking Doxycycline - much cheaper than Malarone!  We fall in the middle range of the age group so we are not the oldest either, although we seem to be working our way towards it!

 See you at Heathrow maybe.

Gail & Phil


Well done for finding out anyway.  I hope that it's not 5 in a jeep!

Yes, I normally take Doxy - had problems with the older malaria tablets (particularly Larium), but I was persuaded to try Malarone this time (might still take some Doxy with me in case I get a reaction).

I'll look out for you at heathrow.

Bob and Sue


Hi Chris,

Unfortunately Exodus had some difficulty with the national park permits (not their fault) so they had to cancel my booking, you'll see on the website this trip is no longer offered until November, so I've rebooked for then. Something to do with not being able to add people after the initial group permits are issued, which is why some of the groups will be below max size. Disappointed but Im' still looking forward to it.

 I'm sure you'll have a great time.



If you're right about age range then we're the oldest but won't slow you down.We were the last two to book and Exodus said we would be a two in a 3rd jeep so you should all be in fours.We may have to take different routes when we leave the lodges.....sounds as tho' the parks are making life awkward for operators.
See you all at LHR

Hi to all,  Sounds like a nice small group - the past few holidays I've been on have had over 20 in the group - difficult to remember who everyone was - should be able to remember 9 names.  I've got malarone as well Bob - as you say very expensive - hope you shopped around as the prices do vary (and this year some chemists even wanted to charge a dispensing fee! - sheer greed).  Have had to buy a couple pairs of warm trousers for the early morning game drives - may need a volunteer to wake me up in the mornings.  I have booked 2 of the 3 additional ones they said were getting booked up.  Will look out for everyone at Heathrow - 1st one gets the drinks in - mines a gin and tonic please (large!) :-)  - and if we get 10 bottles of duty free and some nibbles we can have a lovely party on the overnight train.  See you all soon.  Pauline.


I wonder who the other 3 members of the group are as we have accounted for 7 of us in this blog string. Pauline - which 2 drives did you book we booked the 2nd and 3rd. I'm up for a party on the train or at any time!  So far I will only be able to recognise Bob (just so long as he still looks like his profile picture).  I don't think I've changed that much (just a bit older) and of course I won't have the huskie pup with me.

See you all Friday/Saturday next week.


Yes, still got the white beard and no hair - difficult to miss me!

See you all next week.

Bob & Sue

Christine and I are all set to go, too. This will be out fifth trip with Exodus--all have been brilliant. It will be our first visit to India.

Like Bob, I have a beard, which is getting whiter by the day, but still have a head of hair.

See you all in just over a week!

Paul (and Christine)

Gail I have booked the 1st 2 of the 3 game drives that were getting heavily booked - in Pench and Kanha.  Got some details of the places we could be staying in (definite details for Pench and a choice of 2 for Kanha and Bandhavgargh) and they all look good.  Must admit I really need this holiday now.  Apparently the rate of exchange is very good at the moment so that should help the pennies go further.  Will look out for everyone at Heathrow.  (I am 5ft 4" with shortish brown hair and I will be wearing my black coat and trousers and will be carrying a green flight bag so you know who to look out for as photo not posted)


If you know this already, apologies, but be careful if taking booze with you (previous posts), particularly if you are buying this at LHR.  As we tranfer in Mumbai, the airline site says that hand luggage restrictions apply whern checking in for the Nagpur flight - that is, nothing over 100 ml can be taken in hand luggage.  So any bottles bought at LHR and carried in hand luggage would have to be dumped (or drunk quickly)!!  The only option is to prepack bottles in your main hold luggage.  The same rules apply when flying into LHR if you are taking a connecting internal flight. 

See you soon

Bob (and Sue) 

Just thought you would like to know that laundry facilities are available at all of the lodges we stay at, so if you haven't room for a bottle in your suitcase halve your clothes!!!!  See you Friday/Saturday.


Thanks for the information.  It sounds as though you're determined we're going to have a party, even if we have no clothes to wear!!

We'll certainly be packing a bottle of some sort.

You now know what I look like as well as Bob.

See you Friday

Sue (and Bob)

Many thanks for this - don't usually bother to get duty free and hadn't quite made up my mind whether to get some on this occasion or not - you have solved this for me  - might just get a small bottle of something and put in my case for emergencies! :-)  Have been looking at the weather forcast on the BBC News website and around Nagpur the temperature is in the early 30's - hotter than I had thought for this time of year - hopefully it will be a bit cooler in the jungle. 

Must say you have changed a bit since you last wrote in Bob - lost the beard !! :-) - definitely better. 

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