Land of the Tiger - Departure 25th March

Anyone else booked on this trip? This will be my second time on this trip, so any questions, let me know. David


Photos here:


Hell there. My first trip with Exodus, looking forward to it. Was wondering if anyone else was going on this trip. Not too long to go now. Rachel


Hey Dave,  I dropped you a line on flickr - but this is probably a better place to ask the questions... because more people will see your reply here! (I'm going on the previous Land of the Tiger departure - 11th March).

Having been on the trip, what would you recommend by way of stabilising devices for camera equipment. I notice you used some pretty chunky lenses on your last trip - so I'm assuming you used something to keep them still!

Cheers, Michael.

This was my response to Michael if anyone interested.

This is the sort of jeep you will spend most of your time. There isn't really that much to grip onto. Most people I saw just hand held their cameras. This was including the guys with enormous Canon lenses. I saw the occasional person with a monopod.

It is further complicated that the action could happen any where 360 degrees around you - you may need to detach your camera pretty quick. It can also get a bit hectic when a tiger appears. At one stage we were going 30 mph in reverse down a bumpy track sandwiched in between other jeeps!

What size lens will you be using? For up to about 500mm I would recommend hand held, bumping the ISO up to 400-800 and setting on burst mode. I ended up deleting about two thirds of my photos.


Have just booked this trip (about 10 minutes ago!) .. It must be good if you are going for your second time David??  Rachel, I travelled with Exodus last summer for the first time and was really really pleased.. so I'm sure we'll have a fantastic time!! Looking forward to it!

Hi Marie,

 Seeing tigers is very addictive. You always want to see more!



Well David, I'll soon find out.. Really looking forward to it now.. Have read the reviews from previous travellers, but was wondering if you had any additional tips? Which time of the year did you do go on your previous trip? Do you know if mosquitoes are really active at the end of March / beginning of April? they love me, but I dont like them!! It wont stop me though! ;-)






I went in November last year. Apparently March/April is the best time for animals. There were a few mosquitos around in November, but that was closer to the end of the rainy season. So I am hoping there will be less around this time. I got my worse bites during the day suprisingly. About half the group (me included) did not use anti malarials. Medical advice received seemed to differ for the areas we are visiting. Hope this helps.


Thanks for that David.. ..Not too sure what to do about anti malarials though.. Glad to hear confirmation that March / April is the best time to spot the animals! Roll on the 25th!


Well, not long now and really looking forward to meeting you all.  This is my second trip with exodus and, frankly, wouldn't go with any other company.  Marie, I asked my doctor about mararia and they said it is not that big a problem and just use a spray containing Deet.  See you all next Friday.  Norma


Hi Norma, thank you for the advice, Will pack up on deet spray!  Are you on the same trip as us? starting 26/3? ? because i'm definitely organised to go next friday!! ;-)



hi, I've just signed up for this trip too, rather last minute I know!! 

David - just looking at your photos, they're great! I like the way they're linked to a map, very clever! you'll have to share your expertise; you can probably tell I'm not used to flickr.  What was the rail journey like?

I have the same problem with mosquitos, they love me too. My nurse had a map of India showing the area in the south between Katni & Jabalpur being affected by malaria and recommended tablets you only need to take a day before entering that area and for a week after; also a spray with minimum 50% deet! (ear plugs too?!)

looking forward to meeting you all on 25th. Joan

Hi all, looking forward to meeting you on the trip. Having negotiated my way through the Indian visa service, and got all my anti-malarials I feel that I am a few steps closer to that departure gate. I would recommend taking anti-malaria precautions if you are remotely prone to mozzie bites. It just takes one mosquito...

I enjoyed your photos, David. I've just upgraded my camera gear for this trip, but been so busy with work I've not had time to practise much, so I will be spending the flight out with my head in the manual (not ideal!!). I was on the amazing Spitzbergen trip with Exodus in July where we had the most spectacular polar bear sightings right next to the ship. My photos were good but could have been sharper, so I am hoping that any tigers I manage to capture in camera will be pin sharp this time.

I just have to survive the week from hell at work now... see you at the airport. If you wear your 'Exodus tag' on your hand luggage then we may be able to spot each other as we mooch around killing time before departure! Jackie

Hello everyone. I fly out tomorrow for a weeks business trip in Bangalore so will see you at Delhi airport on the Saturday. Really looking forward to some nice Indian food! I gather there are only 7 of us booked on this trip.

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