Langtang and Gosainkund

Anyone else going?


Martin M

Hello Folks. Ann & Steve are on this trip too. Trying desparately to get more training in, though the rain, snow and flat countryside where we live in Essex (12 metres above sea level) isn't helping!  Has anybody else been to Nepal previously?


Hi, we're looking forward to meeting you all when we get to Kathmandu. We've been to Nepal a couple of times with Exodus, both wonderful trips (they say once you've been once to Nepal, you're hooked. True for us)  so we are optimistic this will be another one! See you all soon, Susie & Gary


Hi.. we're going too.  A little worried now - training hasn't gone to plan, although our pizza eating skills have improved.


Jamie and Rose 


Did manage to walk the length of the Malverns today - both ways, but didn't go over the summits on the way back.

Martin M

Not tried the pizza training regime yet. Have you tried mushroom risotto and a few glasses of red? We found it totally ruined any benefit we got from our walk earlier in the day on Easter Monday.

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