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Leeches - again!

I've heard mixed reports on the best way to dress on this trip.

I've been told to wear long sleeve tops/trousers to protect from leeches and mossies, but the trip notes say to wear tshirts and shorts.

Is it worth bringing my trekking sandles? Or will I need to keep my leech socks/boots on all the time?




Having done this trip in October where I wore t-shirts and shorts I only had 1 leech on one of my boots during 2 weeks. I did not bother with leech socks or long trousers while trekking except on the mountain and that was due to the temperature only. A couple of members of the group who also wore shorts got a couple of leeches during the duration of the trip. Leech socks can be bought cheaply locally or a useful local tip is try liquid detol, this worked for me in the 1 place I visited not on this itinerary where leeches were said to be an issue. If it rains heavily during your time there leeches will be more of an issue then if its dry.

Nick -Trip Manager


Thank you Nick.

Another question if I may?!...

I'm unwilling to use a backpack/kit bag for my main luggage (obviously I have a day sack for the hikes) as I have suffered neck problems in the past from carrying a backpack on other travels. I wanted to use a wheeley (small of course) but was unsure as to whether this will be a problem for the porters? I also have a large kit bag with wheels that I can use.

Thoughts please!

ps. did you ever wear trekking sandles or just boots?


A wheeley bag is fine as it makes airports more managable, also there are a few places you will need to carry after your own luggage. The accommodation at Mulu is a few mins walk away from where you get dropped with your luggage and you need to take it yourself. Trekking sandals or footware that can get wet was essential on our trip as the river at Mulu to camp 5 was very low due to lack of rain, and we had to get out and walk and also push a few time. Also on a number of walks and river cruises I wore my trekkiing sandals as opposed to shoes or boots for comfort.

Hi I did this trip last year.

Take convertible trousers. If it is wet in Mulu NP and the leeches are out in force then zip on the legs. Also the sand flies by the river can give you nasty bites so watch out for them as well.




A question for nnikolsky.

How can you do the 8.8km trek up to Camp 5 with wheely bag?



One cannot do the trek up to Camp 5 with a wheelie bag, you need to use a rucksack which you carry yourself. However a  wheelie bag is useful for your main luggage for the trip as a whole, and will be left at the park HQ locked up securely with all the gear you dont need for your 2 nights at camp 5, you will then be reunited with your bag upon your return and the final night in Mulu.


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