Lhasa to Katmandu Cycling Trip

Who has signed up for this cycling trip in mid August?  We'd enjoy hearing from you with any preparations you are making for the trip.

 Renee' and Steve



Hi Renee and Steve

My friend Chris and I are preparing by riding up lots of hills with plastic bags over our heads and breathing through a straw!  Only joking.

We are taking our own bikes so we are trying to keep weight down to a minimum but it's not easy for three weeks.


How are you doing?


Richard C


Hi Richard.  Where are you from (what elevation do you live at?)

We are hoping that living at 8500 feet elevation will help to make for an easier ride as, though we are reasonably fit we are not die hard cyclists.  Keeping weight to a minimum is a challenge for us as well.  We are renting bikes in Katmandu.  Are you bringing mountain bikes? 






Hello Renee

 We are from Cheshire and live at about 150 feet so we have been training hard to offset the handicap.  We both used to run in the mountains but changed over to cycling when our joints gave up the struggle.  We don't race but we do ride pretty hard when we train so we are in pretty good shape but don't know what to expect when we get to Lhasa.

We are taking mountain bikes with dual purpose tyres so they roll quite well on the road but will be ok for the rough suff.  Packing bikes to fly is a challenge but we know we will be comfortable on our own kit.

As yo say it is real close now to leaving time so I'm getting pretty excited and look forward to meeting you.

Richard C


Hi Richard C,

I hope that our rented bikes have dual sport tires for improved efficiency on the tarmac.  Steve is a bit more confident that I am about our ability to pedal at 15000 feet.  It will be a "grand" adventure with many tales to bring home regardless. 

We are arriving on the 13th to allow a bit of time to recover from jet lag.

We look forward to meeting you,

Renee' and Steve

Hi guys,

I am joining the trip - a bit tardy at responding to everything. Have been training hard (cross-training, cycling, spinning, lots of squash!) and feel very fit. did cycle across bhutan 2 years ago so I know what to expect. first 2 days hard but gets easier!

bringing my own mountain bike etc - not sure I trust the hired ones! weight a bit of a challenge

see you on the 14th!


Olly Townsend

Hi folks,

My final few hours in the Exodus office before heading out to Kathmandu to meet you all, so I'm frantically trying to get everything done here (a feeling I'm sure you can empathise with!)

 I'm really looking forward to meeting you all at the weekend.

Happy packing and hope your flights go smoothly.

Best wishes


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