Looking for fellow travellers on this trip - Lemosho Route, 18th August


My name is Charlie and I'm on the Kilimanjaro Lemosho route trip which departs on 18th August, and just thought it'd be interesting to make contact with anybody else out there who is on this trip!

I looked on this forum because I just got back from having my Yellow Fever jab, so I have the trip on my mind! 

I live in Birmingham, so if anybody lives near by then we could always meet up before we head off!?  But even if you don't want to meet up, just speaking to some people before we all meet in Tanzania might be good!

 Looking forward to hearing from you!



Hey!! :)

 Yeah, myself wife and her sister are coming along. Live in the NE of England at the moment. Although the wife and sister were brought up midlanders.


Hi, looks like the midlands will be well represented!  My son (Jacob) and I will be joining you, flying from Heathrow with Kenya Airline on 17th.  Just 4 weeks to go, so starting to feel close now!


Excellent! I'm getting quite excited now, less than 2 weeks to go!

 Happy packing, and maybe see you at Heathrow!

Quick question;

 Are you guys using the exodus kit bag that was sent in the post?  I assumed it would be better for the porters we used a rucksac, but the trip notes seem to suggest that the exodus bag or some other duffle bag is better!?




Hi Charlie, can actually type now, had tried to answer your message from my mobile but couldn't get it to load the site properly.  I think they want us to use their kit bags since they cite 'soft kit bag or a duffel bag' in the trip notes.  I know what you mean though, a proper rucksack would seem easier for the porters.  Perhaps it's their way of controlling the volume of stuff we expect to get carried.

We plan to bring the exodus kit bags and will get 30-40L day sacks to carry ourselves.  I'm planning to pack one of our exodus bags inside a bigger one so that we'll have a bag in which to leave some kit behind at the hotel in Arusha. 

Meant to expand on the earlier message sooner too- We are from Leicester, so just up the road from you.  Will be travelling out with Kenya Airways on the Tuesday evening Nairobi flight out of Heathrow, as will most of us I think?


 Cheers for the advice.

 Will keep an eye out for the exodus bags at Heathrow!

 See you soon!


No problem!  Any others in your party?  Apparently we are a group of 11. So with Graeme's 3 and my 2 there may be another 1 or 2 groups out there yet to declare themselves.


Just me in my group!

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