Looks like I am on my own so far!

Hello, my name is Ben. Iam 29 from Kent, UK.  Any other people doing the Kili climb - Rongai route and safari departing on 8th Jan 2012? Be nice to maybe chat to a few before and meet up at the airport etc ... Hope to hear from some soon


Hi Ben,

I'm in too.  Just received an amended invoice confirming the trip has gone down by £290!  what a nice surprise!

I'm not really sure where to start with my training but it starts soon!



Thats good news, I have not heard anything but will check with Exodus now! What training are you doing?


i've read all the reviews for this and also the reviews on the rongai route page and they all seem to say the same thing...get as fit as possible!  it's great that it is still 6 months away because it isn't a duanting prospect.  so really, i'm just thinking about how to get my fitness levels up.  I went for a bike ride both yesterday and today but both were scenic rides as opposed to hard core pedalling so i do have quite some work to do.   

and you?  you booked quite some time ago does that mean you've started training already?


I have been walking lots and cycling. I plan on getting my running levels up to boost stamina for when it gets tough.  Im glad its still a way off though to train. Im getting excited now and collecting up kit etc for the trip. Are you in the UK? Just thinking about meeting at airport etc on departing...

definitely.  i think i'm probably quite near you.  live in sanderstead which is just south of croydon.  and the cycle rides were both to lingfield.

re. shopping it's working out hugely expensive.  much more than i imagined.  i'm on the hunt for a super warm sleeping bag....did you see the trip is now guaranteed?


Yes it is quite pricey but I think I will hire the 4 season sleeping bag and jacket as I may never use them again.....

Im in Kent, so not too far. Have you thought about jabs yet?

Hi guys,

I just paid the deposit for this trip today; apparently I am the fourth person to join the group. Can't wait.


Hi Katherine,

Great to hear from you.  so so excited.   under 5 months!


Hi Katherine! Nice to hear from some more people! Cant wait!!


Nearly a month to go now!!! I am getting excited. I am awaiting my visa and passport to return.  Getting all my gear together. Any tips on things to take??

Hi Ben, you're scaring me!  I didn't think British passport holders needed a visa???  so i am guessing/hoping you need a visa because you are not British?  i was just planning on buying the visa at the airport.   Am i wrong?

no idea as to what to pack.   i am hoping to get a fair few goodies for chirstmas.  how did your training progress throughout the summer?  Mine went to pot and i've really let myself go.  bit scary now.  need to get walking!


Hi ya, you can get the visa at the airport but exodus recommended travcour in the trip notes so I've sent it all off, one thing less to worry about!! I'm not realy sure on packing either and like you hoping to get a few Xmas pressure! I need to hire the sleeping bag, not sure about the down jacket?? I have a big gortex coat and loads of layers.... My training has like you not been the best! Been running but that's about it! Hope I am fit enough :/ I realy can't wait, I'm hopefully getting a new zoom lens for my camera for the safari, plan on taking loads of pics!!

i've hired the duvet jacket and sleeping mat.  Only issue now is that because i've no idea of the size of them i've no idea how much room is left in the rest of my kitbag.   still debating on whether to hire walking poles?     have a suspicion i have a camelbak backpack from my parents so that's one less thing to worry about.

Under a month! time will fly.  see you soon!


Just bought a 4 season sleeping bag from millets for £44 in sale (bargain!) The hire company had ran out!

Do we know how many of us there are on this trip yet then?

When i made the final payment I was told there were 8 of us so should be fun.  I see you've asked the group who've just left for tips.  good idea.  I check the reviews for the rongai climb virtually every day seeking advice!


I cant wait now, only a few more days! :)

 Just thinking if anyone else is flying from Heathrow, it may be nice to meet up somewhere at the airport?


Sounds good!

I've not decided whether to bother taking my phone just yet so cannot swap numbers but i'll be wearing the hugest pair of walking boots and will look out for others in similar clothing.

i'll also have a massive blue and yellow Quicksilver (i think) backpack which i'm going to put half my gear in because i'm terrified of Kenya airways losing our luggage.  So i won't be travelling lightly!

see you Sunday!


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