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I am a bit confused when the 10% loyalty discount applies

I am off on my 8th Exodus trip in November and just considering booking my 9th for next March which is a rather expensive African trip and wonder would the 10% discount apply to the 9th trip or would it kick in when I book my 10th trip with you?  

Thank in advance for your help



My 5% discount kicked in on booking my third trip.  This page implies that the discount applies to your tenth booking: http://www.exodus.co.uk/loyalty-rewards

Hi Annj - it's fantastic that you've booked so many trip with us, we really appreciate your loyalty! The 10% discount kicks in on your 10th trip. From 3rd to 9th it's 5% off. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Do keep an eye on our website as we do occassionally have booking offers (such as £50 off) and these can usually be used in conjunction with a loyalty discount. Cheers, Rob



Matt M

Personally i think the discount scheme should be revisited and updated as this is a very legacy scheme for Exodus.

I’ve been travelling with Exodus since 95 and am over my 10 trips yet i remain on 10% loyalty after spending well over 20k.

I understand that committed Exodus travellers would always want more and more chipped of the cost, however a ceiling of 10% is a little low.

My personal view is going to a Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum would be a far better system. Yes there would be still be a ceiling but this gives those individuals that feel Exodus are the best on the market a greater sense that there continued customer is valued. Maybe increasing a top level of 20% would give people the incentive to remain Exodus customer as I would think that under the current economic and financial climate it would be better to have constant full trips with I would think a high proportion of travellers being repeat business.

Hi Exodus - How can I put this without coming over as ungracious or as some sort of mercenary, because I'm probably the most fortunate and lucky Exodus customer you will find. However I would appreciate if Exodus could clarify the following point. Briefly, in 1996 Exodus ran a competition in The Times and Sunday Times newspapers of which I was the winner. The astounding prize was a £1000 discount off any Exodus trip for each of two people, each year for the rest of my life. Since then I have been on 10 trips as part of that prize, each of them bar two as a solo traveller. For various personal reasons I was unable to travel in some years.  However I have also travelled with Exodus on additional trips for which I have paid full price. In fact I have done three of these, one of which is lost in the mists of time in 1982, but the other two were in 2008 and 2010. The question is, am I going to be entitled to the 5% discount, and eventually the 10% discount on further trips which I undertake outwith the scope of the competition?  As I say, and I wish to emphasise, I hate if I am sounding greedy in this matter, however I feel it's a valid question.

yours,  Munch (Derek Mitchell)

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