Lycian activity week 23rd May

Hi, just wanted to say hello and see if anyone else is booked on the trip!  Im travelling on my own so would be great to get to know some people before the holiday.  I fly out on my 30th birthday hoping a week of activity will make leaving my twenties behind easier!!

Sure am!  I'm doing back to back holidays MTK + ATM, but it's kind a delayed 40th for me.  :-)  I'm coming across from UAE, so will meet you guys at Dalaman.  Also a solo, so maybe we'll get paired on the rooms - I don't think I snore!??  Have you done any other Exodus?


I too am on this holiday, solo, flying direct from Newcastle to Dalaman. It sounds like it should be a lot of fun!



Hi Sharon glad to find Im not the only one on the trip was getting worried!  This is my first exodus holiday really looking forward to it and glad Im not the only solo traveller.  I dont snore but have been known to laugh in my sleep :-)

The activities look great I love mountain biking and have always wanted to try scuba diving.  Are you doing MTK before or after ATM?

Hi Tim Im flying from London seems like we're all coming from different directions!



I'm going too. Can't wait. My name's also Tim, and I'm also going from London. Just trying to figure out how to get to Gatwick at half past 4 in the morning. Always wanted to try paaragliding. I'm also going solo. Look forward to meeting everyone.



Glad to see numbers are increasing, the flight times a bit of a pain Im flying Manchester to Gatwick the day before and staying at the Marriott.  Couldnt face getting up any earlier!


This trip's gone from the website for that week so I'm assuming its full. Anyone been with Exodus before?


I'm another lone traveller, flying out of Manchester and hoping to meet up with everyone else at Dalaman- just praying my flight isn't late or else its an expensive taxi!

My first trip with Exodus though quite an experienced traveller, I usually go with a friend but decided to go on my own this time. I look forward to making some new friends and having a lot of fun!!

Katie- lets hope we have some time to celebrate your birthday, can't let an "O" birthday go by !

See you all at Dalaman- hopefully !

I just signed up for the trip today ..... 10th May... and think I got the last place.

Travelling solo .....from the North East and slightly gutted to see some of you are flying from Newcastle or Manchester and i've got to hoof it down to Gatwick .....

Look forward to meeting up with you all in Dalaman in 13 days time .... not that Im counting the sleeps ....

Robin :-) 



Hi Gill and Robin,

Beginning to wish Id gone for the regional flight option too, but just looking forward to getting there now.  Cant believe how quickly its come round should probably look at the trip notes and do some shopping!

Gill should definately be a lot of fun and looking forward to a birthday drink and getting to know everyone


I know what you mean, not long now.

Apparently you need mosquito spray, suncream and sturdy walking shoes with good drainage, a backpack for change of clothes and plastic bags for wet ones; and earplugs if you don't want to be woken up at 5 in the morning!

That's what I got off the reviews anyway for what its worth.

Looks like a few solo's, you'll love it.  This is my third(?) with Exodus, already done Croatia and Cuba with them, there have always been solos as well as friends and family, and so far the leaders and support have been excellent.  They're locals, and you can get into the local scene as much as possible if you want.  And they know the cool backroads!!  I'm off on MTK in a couple of days, and then following with ATM, so I'll join you guys at the hotel at Kas as that's where I stop on the MTK.  I'm gonna be doing a hammam and thinking of you all going Gatwick....  :-) 

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