Lycian Way - anybody else on this trip? What do you think about it?

Martin Williams - Mitcham, Surrey.

I hope I have made a good choice of holiday - there are so many other interesting trips. I expect it to be interesting with some challenging elements but the trip does not entail a long flying time - what do you think? My concerns are getting to Stanstead, the camping bit - what sleeping bags are people bringing? Will it be cold at times?

Antalya seems were worth exploring on the last day.

My first time with Exodus. I am looking forward to seeing everyone on the 30th

Hi, I'm on this trip as well. Done loads of trips with Exodus, haven't had any disappointments so far.

I'm flying from Gatwick, so can't help you with Stanstead. If all goes well I'll see you in Antalya. I think the flight is around 5 hours.

I think we're camping at around 1200m so it'll probably be a bit chilly in the evening, but it's only one night. I'm taking a 4-season bag but then that's all I've got.



Hi, Glad to hear Exodus trips are a good bet. I did ask about Gatwick but they said the flights did not fit in with the schedule.

I have got several sleeping bags including one which is quite light. For the Incra, I hired one because I did not have enough room in my suite case.  It was never cold.

 I am a bit peplexed about which mountain is Mount Olympos and how high it is. It may go under several different names.

Hope all goes well with your flight and I see you in Antaya.



Had to search for flights myself, I'm flying out on Thomas Cook & back with Sleazyjet. Anything to avoid a trek to Stanstead!

Luggage is transported for us so I wouldn't concern yourself with the weight of the sleeping bag, just take one that'll ensure a good nights sleep.

Mount Olympos is also known as Mt Tahtali: 2388m (it says 2650m in the trip notes, but I'm pretty sure that's incorrect).

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