Machu Picchu & Galapagos

Flying out on 22nd May (the drop down menu has the wrong date!). I would like to chat to someone else who is going on this trip. I am travelling alone and it would be good to have someone to meet up with at the airport - it's a long wait! Although I like to read and am happy to browse in the shops, I prefer to take coffee/food with someone else. Anyone out there looking to meet up and chat before we leave? Jackie 

Hi Jackie

We are going on this trip - and getting very excited too! We booked it for my husbands 'special' birthday last March. Would be great to meet at the airport for a drink or something. Have you heard from anyone else? 

Barbara B


Hi Jackie. I am also travelling alone and it's very helpful to meet up before going. We did this before and it's very reassuring.  I am not far from Heathrow and would be happy to meet up prior to our holiday. Please let me know if this is your wish too. Otherwise I am content to meet at the airport and anyone else too. Perhaps someone could suggest a rendevous. Additionally, if travelling alone and wish a companion during flights, this would be good too. I have used Exodus twice before and I'm sure we'll all have a busy, exhausting worthwhile trip. 



....that my wife, Sue, and I will be joining you in Cusco.  We're fairly recently retired and we split our time between the UK and SW France, so we're flying from Toulouse to Lima on 19th May and having 2 nights in Lima and then 2 nights in Cusco before the tour starts.  We'll meet the rest of the group at the hotel on the 23rd.  It's our first trip with Exodus but a friend who is a 'regular' with them recommended them highly, so we booked up last July.  We're doing the Napo extension at the end.  Is anyone else booked on that?  With only a few days to go, I've got to say that we're getting quite excited by the propect of the full and varied itinerary ahead.


Hi to Sue and Hubby(?). I am also doing this trip and continuing up river to Napo. It will be good to meet you both over there and wish you a good journey. As I indicated above, I have also used Exodus before. I assure you that we will all be well occupied. Good to hear that as mature travellers, I will not be alone. Sara



Did anything come of meeting up at Heathrow? Sara

Hello All

Not long now!! As previously mentioned this trip is for my hubbys 'special' birthday and although we are not retired we are certainly not youngsters! We are also doing the Napo extension so good to know there will be some from the original group.  We are arriving at Heathrow around 3 pm via coach and are planning on having a meal there once cleared security. If anyone would like to join us/meet up that would be great.



Hi everyone above. If you would like to rendevous, then my phone number is 07817 216526. Please feel free to call before hand, or whilst there to meet up if interested.


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