Madagasca here I come.Am I on my own?

Anyone else going? I'm so excited, it's getting nearer .  Love to know who else is going.


We went last year and had an excellent time. One tip - take plenty of imodium, most of our group came down with travellers tummy.


Yes, I am really looking forward to this trip now and think it might be nice to make contact before we leave.   I am in London;   whereabouts are you?    Not sure how we can make contact as I have not travelled with Exodus before but this Forum seems a good idea.    BVKH


Hi BVKH,  I haven't been with Exodus before either so this format new to me too....but even more excited as the date gets nearer. I live in Hollywood(south of B'ham)! So see you on the 23rd  !


I've traveled with Exodus on other trips, and they've always done a great job.  I'm traveling from the USA.  I'm so excited for our trip, I'm going to begin packing tomorrow.  I'm hoping we see lots of wildlife.

I was not planning on bringing proper hiking BOOTS, but hiking shoes (actually trail running shoes).  From the descriptions of the walks, I don't think full boots are necessary.  I'd rather travel light(er).  Any thoughts?

Also any opinions on bringing sheet liners for questionable bedding?

The hotels we stayed in last year were all pretty reasonable, with no problems with the bedding. All the places that needed mossie nets had them as well.

As for boots, you might find you're glad of them walking in the Grand Tsingy. It's a bit like doing Via Ferrata in the Dolomites in Italy - harnessed onto fixed wires in the rocks.

I'll bring my full hiking boots; don't want any problems.  Thanks!

Have an excellent time.


Anyone else got any helpful hints for a couple of first timers to Madagascar??

The local Three Horses Beer is pretty OK, try their 'Fresh' if you just fancy a light shandy type drink - quite refreshing in the heat.

There's a couple of ice cream parlours in Tana with many many flavours :)

If you have the same guide as we had - Sol, he was very good.

Be prepared for quite a few early morning starts.

When you change money at the airport you will get a huge handful of airiary back.

There are many children (and adults) begging.

We don't normally come back with souvenirs from our hols but found plenty to buy in Madagascar.

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