Anyone else cleaning their binoculars ready for this trip ?.

Yes I am - I am looking forward to it - see you there. Jerry


cant wait for this trip,sept is too far away



G llewellyn

Looking forward to a great trip

see you soon


Hi guys

first time I have had a reply, and 3 arrive, wow.

just back from Mongolia, but the Madagascar trip will be my first with an enphasis on wildlife,

so high hopes for a good trip, my only doubts  are what the mossies will be like.

See you all there.

Dave P..

Hi all,

I just wondered what you were all doing about Madagascan visas?  Exodus tell me that you have the choice of either getting a visa at the airport on entry, or getting it beforehand. There seems to be no downside to waiting and getting at the airport, so to save time I am going to do that.  But wondered what you all were doing?

Looking forward to meeting you. I think there are 8 of us on the trip.



I shall get my visa on arrival, mainly because lack of available time beforehand, but it would seem to be the simpler option, just a formality at the airport ( I hope ).

Dave P..


G llewellyn

Hi All,

Like Dave, I plan on getting my visa on arrival. Should be ok.  (I hope!) 

Thinking of packing now.  Will probably take too much as usual. See you all soon.



Hello...there are no reviews for this was it?

Hello Tanya.......I agree with what Dave says.... he was an avid nature fan and wanted to maximise the time spent in nature watching.  For me, however, I think Exodus got the balance right - I enjoy nature but also wanted to spend time relaxing, experiencing the local cuisine and the music, speaking French with the locals and experiencing the sights, the people and the culture. There are some long driving days as Madagascar is a big place.... and there are some internal flights in small planes (fun..... but not if you are claustrophobic!). You spend a lot of time with the group and there is limited opportunity to go off on your own.  One of the UK based Exodus sales reps, Lyndal Montgomery, was on the trip with us and I suggest you call the Exodus office and ask to speak with her.  She is very helpful and can obviously speak first hand about the trip.  Enjoy! Jerry

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