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Hi, I'm going on the Madagascar Discoverer tour (AZM) in October. During the tour the itinerary says we might visit a Catholic Centre for orphans and homeless children. Is this not definite? I would like to take clothes and books but I don't want to take them if we are not going to visit the centre. What age groups would the childrens clothes need to be and are books in English okay? My tour date is 5th October 2012 (not available below???)


 Jan x

We went on Madagascan Discoveries in 2010. We visited the Pere Pedro village just outside of Tana which may be where the trip notes are meaning. We didn't go till the end of the trip when we arrived back in Tana and many of the group left clothing there (that they'd been wearing during the trip). It was quite inspiring what one priest has done for the homeless of the city. There's a bit of info on this website about it. . Whether you'd definitely go on your trip I don't know and we didn't actually visit the school.


Hi Jan,

I am also booked to go on this trek on the 5th October which is not available in the Departure Lounge. Have you found further information about the homeless centre?



Hi. I've just got back home from the AZM tour. On our first morning in Tana we visited a centre run by nuns which we were told catered for orphans and street children. Boys and girls are accommodated from age 5 (I think) to 14. Girls between 14 and 16 are also trained in embroidery, basketry and paper crafts and their work was for sale; when the boys reach 14 they are transferred to a similar centre and trained in other skills. However none of the children were there when we visited as they had all gone "home" for the extended school holidays which run until the end of September.


Thanks for the info Skimble and Smartie. Hopefully there will be some children there when (if) we visit the Centre in October :-) I'll probably take some clothes, pens and books anyway. I'm sure there will be plenty of other places we can leave them even if we don't visit the Centre.

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