The Magnificent Seven

A couple of nights ago I went to the 'Magnificent Seven' presentation at Bristol Uni. It was put on by Dan and Ben who top sales people from Exodus and they made it an extremely entertaining evening as they described, with the help of their own photographs, some of the trips that Exodus run.

Having not yet been on an Exodus trip (my first is in March) I was interested to hear about their own experiences and to talk to many of the other people in the audience who had been away with them before. As well as being interesting and informative, Dan and Ben were very entertaining . . . and there was free wine!

The company had already captured my imagination but what I saw and heard on Thursday convinced me that Exodus are an excellent firm to travel with. Their attention to detail, to security, to caring for and intermingling with the environments and people they visit and their determination to ensure that travellers get the very best out of their trip was most impressive. I'm sure they'll be seeing a lot of me in the future.

Thank you Ben and Dan and thank you Exodus for brightening up my life.

We went to the Cheltenham presenation on Thursday 20th January. It was a very enjoyable evening, good to see some places we have already visited and some we would like to visit in the future. There was even a photo of our guide from our trip to Peru! Now need to save up for a trip to Spitzbergen, as it looks fantastic.
Thank you for a very good evening, the free wine was a pleasant surprise!

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