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Hi, finally taken the plunge and booked this trip. Going on my own so would like to make contact with anyone else going to exchange experiences, training tips etc. I have a read a few of the reviews and it sounds like a real experience, been to Bangkok once in 1979!! but never been anywhere else in the far east so the change should be interesting.


1979?! Well hello there, auld man tyme! I've done a couple of exodus cycling trips in the past year, but none in SE Asia (Lived in Indonesia for a bit in the past though). Didn't bother with training and it didn't matter in the least, but I do cycle as my main form of transport.


I am looking forward to this trip. I have been to Angkor before but not cycling. It should be awesome. I did an Exodus cycling trip in Nepal in November 2009 and was most impressed with the overall organisation. I hope the guides are of the same standard.

Ed Neff

Well at least in Aus you will be able to get out on your bike!! its snowing like mad here, not too bad on the Coast, much worse inland and on the moors, so its the gym at the moment for me. Not a mad cyclist you understand but did quite a bit in the summer and need to keep my fitness levels up. Are you still managing to cycle to work David? what's it like where you are? Looks as if the trip is fully booked now, wonder if anyone will post a comment? Was thinking about trying the Lhasa to Kathmandu ride next, was that the one you did Ed?


Well, there's hardly been a pick of snow here, but plenty of ice... so, no, I haven't been on the bike (I already know what it's like to be skating downhill on my arse - It's not nice!).


Eat your heart out, guys. I've just come back back from a great ride, although, it was a bit warm at 30 degrees.

The Nepal ride I did, Bob, was the "Classic Nepal Ride". The Lhasa to Kathmandu ride is a serious ride but sounds awesome.

Ed Neff

Thanks Ed, last comment made me feel really jealous but at least we are winning the cricket!! Still a bit of snow left here but it is now melting and the temp is rising. (a bit!!) I'm going skiing on Sunday so now I'm hoping for lots more, ironic eh!! but at least I will get some outside exercise, the gym is losing its novelty value.

 Anyway thought I would post another comment and wish everyone a happy New Year and hope you lots of nice cycling gear for Christmas.


How's everyones planning going? Skiing was great, 5yrs since I've been and can still do it!! and also no injuries so can concentrate on the cycling now. The weather here has improved a bit, managed to get out a few times for a couple of hours, but still cold and windy and there are lots of potholes to deal with! but I expect there will be a few of those on the trip. If anyone is interested I've found an interesting website  about cycling in SE Asia.

Anyway, Visa obtained, Jabs done, malaria tabs organised, train and hotel booked so its all systems go, anyone staying at terminal 4 on the friday night and fancy a beer or 2?


So, pretty much long since done all the prep work (Got the visa before chrimbo), but last on my list is to try and get some useful maps for my gps (... just in case I get lost?). Indonesian maps masquerading as Cambodian ones won't do and that's all I've been able to find.  I still haven't bothered getting the saddle-time in - It's joyless at this time of year and I just know it'll be much more pleasant in the sunshine!


I saw Mr Pumpy just the other day, but decided against a 'sneak preview'. 


I'm staying elsewhere, so the beer'll have to wait 'til breakfast!


Hi all, well all 3 of you, there must be more than 4 of us going on this trip, or are the rest just like me, and a bit slow on getting registered. Not long to go now, cant wait, got into road cycling about 18 months ago, but not done much mountain biking so looking forward to experiencing it in such an awesome setting.

Had a few last minute rushes in getting visa and vaccinations sorted, but all done, and been getting to a spin class once a week, just so I dont collapse after the 2nd days 90k ride.....they know how to ease you in eh. 

Just got to get the insect repellants and hydration / drinks & snacks to sort out. I brought an Osprey 3litre hydration back-pack at the weekend, and have been looking at the various powders available to mix up with water, but in order to mix up enough to last the trip, I think I'd use up the 20kg luggage limit, anyone else taking anything like this?? re-hydration tablets / powders, or are you just sticking with water?  




I'll bring a few tubes of rehydration tabs just in case, but I prefer water + fruit/nuts, which should be  available at stops.  I read that there's no need to bring snacks unless you're someone with special dietary requirements and from experience, you just end up with a pile of bent'n'broken cereal bars at the end of your trip.

Hi, welcome Eliot, the trip appears to be full so I am sure that will be more than us 4 lads on the trip! I've got a bit of SIS Go electrolyte stuff left from an event last year which I might take if I've got room, but according to the aforementioned 'Mr Pumpy' there are plenty of refreshment stalls selling 'Tok O Loks' (fruit juice type drinks) along the way. Otherwise water, coffee and beer!! will have to suffice.

Did a long ride ride yesterday, some decent weather weather at last, bright and sunny but still only 6C, it looks as if it could be 30c+ over there so the heat could be a big problem (except for Ed of course). Taking it steady to start and drinking plenty will be the best tactic, its not a race after all!

Beer for breakfast?  Not my normal choice but I've worked out that if I put my watch forward to Bangkok time it will be after lunch! so cheers David, dont mind if I do.

Was hoping that we might have got a couple of girls posting who could answer this question? 

Anyone bothering to shave their legs? never done it before, how far up do you go?? 

Enjoy your last week at home.


Hairy legs may are great for keeping the sun off, keeping away the mossies and stopping the sweat from running into your shoes... but if you fancy shaving your legs, I'd say go the whole way :).


Woah there Bob, shaving your legs!!! what sort of holiday to Thailand do you think this is :-) no I was actually thinking about it but not for the streamlining effect, but more so to make it a bit easier when slathering on the sun cream and mossie repellant, sort of opposite to what Eldigo but I guess having hair as a barrier is a good thing, after all got none on me bonce, so why take off the stuff I hair I have got. Not looking forward to the mossies, get biten like anything in my back garden in wilds of Birmingham, let alone a Far Eastern me paranoid but a mossi net was high on the list of purchases for the trip.

So not long to go is everyone sorted, just got to sort some money out, left it a bit to late to order on line..trying to determine the best way to take it, I guess I'd struggle with getting travellers cheques cashed in some areas, so cash is best, but what currency, Thai bhat, then  US dollers for Cambodia and Vietnam......any advise fella's

See you all Saturday


Being bald 'll make you move faster - Less resistance 'n'all that.

Reviews from previous tours suggest that bringing a mossie net isn't worthwhile because they'll be provided in the accomodation (but don't quote me).  I'm not bringing mine anyway (not that I want to get down with the mossies or anything...).

Apparently it's cheaper to buy baht on arrival in Bangkok airport.  I'm bringing some euro and plenty of dollares (mainly because I happen to have a load of dollars from a cancelled trip and want to use them up).  I'll see how things pan out, but no one's going to refuse hard currency either way :)



Not much on my head either!! (see photo). Will definitely need lots of sunscreen.  So will probably decide to keep what little I've got!!

On a serious note, Dollars seem to be accepted all over except in smaller towns and villages and I too have a few left over, so its Dollars for me too. Stopped using Trav. cheques quite a few years ago, as ATM's are now commonplace in most areas of the world.

See you Saturday


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