Hi, Is anybody going to Malawi on 20th  October

I am - though the forum has titled your post as "departing 9 September" so not sure if people will spot this.  Only just over two months now and starting to get excited.


Hi, It seems the nice people at Exodus have corrected the date for me.

Have you been to Malawi before?  We've been to Africa 8 times but this Malawi a first for us and not sure if there is anything apecial we should know.

Ron Wildin

Never been to Malawi before though I went to Zambia last year.  Are you waiting to get your visa on the border for Zambia?  I did it that way last year from Botswana and it was very straighforward (and cheaper than getting it in advance!)

I went to Botswana the year before last. We will probably Get the visas there. It was  as you say starightforward although 'Border Control' was an experience!

Ron Wildin


Hi Chaps

I beleive I will be your Tour Leader for this trip.

You can get your visa at the border without any drama at all.  Its the quickest $50 you've ever spent!

You dont need anything special for Malawi, its a little more basic than Zambia but for a price, anything is possible. It will be boiling hot by the time you arrive, bring plenty sunblock and bug spray with you.

and if you have room, a bag of wine gums wouldnt go amiss!  :) 

dont rely on a credit or ATM card for money, half the time the cash points dont work.  US dollars are the best, and larger notes will get a better exchange rate.  make sure the date is 2001 or above, or you will not be able to use them.

see you soon 



Sam, I could never forget you and Elsie.  

It will be a different truck, but you know the drill! 

See you soon

 Thanks for that Linda. I presume it's the same rules and regs concerning Yellow fever and Malari medicine as in Kenya etc and nothing else unusual.

I will be travelling with mt wife Yvonne and daughter Helen, ( She is adult though I sometimes doubt it)!

And not forgetting hello to Sam and Elsie, Looking forward to meeting you and Linda and Heather 

ps Do you get preferential treatment with Twiglets?

Ron Wildin


Hi Ron

always preferential treatment for those with goodies for me!  hahaha 

Cant think of anything else specific you need, just dont bring too much luggage with you, half of it you wont use!




Hi Guys

Can I please ask a favour to anyone who sees this.   can you please bring me some shampoo from uk? i will refund you when you arrive.

it is loreal everstrong no sulphate in the green bottle.  shampoo and conditioner please.

i found some in superdrug, it was about £6 a bottle when i was last in uk.

would very much appreciate if you can bring some as it is not possible to find it here on the dark continent.

thanks in advance





Linda, Got your request for shampoo etc ok. Just a quickie, will we be seeing any schools or such like, dosn't matter if we are not but we usually take bits and bobs to help out, pencils and crayons that sort of thing or do you know if there's something specific we could bring?

Ron Wildin

So Ron have you got the shampoo request sorted - I doubt Linda wants a bottle from each of us (thought maybe that would be better than none) but I can probably get it if you haven't?

Linda - my wine gums melted in Botswana last year though maybe that was becasue I didn't eat then fast enough!

Good to see you all getting to know one another and thanks for the interesting tips (ie wine gums and shampoo!!).  I too will be joining you, I've only done Africa once before to Kenya and Zanzibar but really getting excited about this one.

Jan Burrows 

Hello Jan,

Welcome aboard!!! That makes 7, (plus the Boss!).

Never been to Malawi and we are very much looking forward to it.

Ron Wildin


thanks guys, you are amazing....  you can all bring some....  then i can stock pile it.  it is very much appreciated.

Ron, there is a school at Mfue, South Luangwa, i'm sure they wouldnt say no, and we will also stop off at Mua Mission and those guys will gratefully accept anything...  clothes, etc...  school wise, the kids use pencils rather than pens.   i also have a couple of footballs with me that we can give away 

i'm leaving Livingstone right now, to transit to Malawi, for the first trip.  i will try and keep in contact with you, but if i go quiet, communications that side are a bit rough.

see you all soon



My wife Jane and I (Simon) are really looking forward to the trip.  The visa info was useful.  Thank you and see you later.


Hi guys

Just a quick note... Make sure you bring plenty of bug spray with you, it's proving difficult to buy it here in Malawi.
It's quite hot right now, so a job lot of rehydration sachets will do you good too.

See you soon

Love Linda

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