Marakech and the Sahara - October 16th


Anyone going to Morocco  ?

I am going with Exodus for the first time.

im going but not until the 30th :-( and it will be my first exodus aswell so post how it is


Hi again,

Thanks for your reply Becky ;-)

I'm going solo on that trip as well and very excited :-)

Looking forward to hear from anyone who is going in mid October :-)



Hi Anna,

I booked this trip tonight! Very excited :) I'm travelling solo too so really looking forward to meeting you.

 Sarah xx

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your reply :-)

If you have any hints about the trip, please do let me know :-)


Hey, i'm thinking of booking on this trip too but still apprehensive! Do either of you two know whether vaccinations are required and whether its too late for them? Are you both flying on the exodus organised flights? I've never done anything like this before and i'm very nervous!


You need to ask your GP about the vaccinations. I have done some last month myself.

I'm also flying on an organized exodus flight. I think everyone flying on their own is nervous, I'm as well,

but you can always call an exodus representative if you have any more questions about the trip.


Hi Romina,

Good to hear form you!

 I haven't travelled with Exodus before but did my first trip like this last year (actually also to Morrocco - such an amazing country that I had to see more of it!) with a very similar company. I was very nervous about the whole thing but had an amazing time and can't recommed it enough! There was lots of oppourtunity to get to know the others in the group and always people to gt dinner with etc but also the option of going off on your own if your the kind of person who needs their own space every now and again!

When I booked this trip I asked about the group and it sounds as if it is a good mix of couples / solo travellers and of ages. I noticed your 25 so we are very close in age which would be nice :)

I think that tetnus/diptheria and Hep A vaccinations are normally reccommended (although not compulsory). Last time I had these done about 10 days before I travelled so your definately not too late. My doctors do not charge for any of these which was a bonus!

 I am travelling on the group flight out but not back.

 Let us know whether or not you decide to book - hope you do.

 Feel free to chat / ask questions

Sarah xx

Just thought i would let you all know i'm all booked up for the trip! I'm very excited! Apparently i'm the 10th person to book which sounds reasonable size and like you said a good mixture of ages in the group! Now I just need to plant what to pack as i need enough space for all the souvenirs i'm bringing back!

Feel free to contact me, my email is [email protected]


p.s which airport are you all flying from gatwick??

Hi Romina ,

Good to hear that you will be joining us as well :-)

I'm also making a list of things to take, still need to call the Exodus rep. and ask advice what is necessary to take.

I'm not sure which airport we are flying from, i think Gatwick but we are getting all the rest of info from Exodus two weeks before the trip. I'm a bit nervous myself ;-)



good to know that you were in Morocco already :-)

Do you know if jacket for rain in necessary to take ? And is it going to be hot in October you think?

I'm still not entirely sure what kind of clothes to take.


See you all at the airport!


Have you got everything ready.

I still have a few things to buy, especially walking boots.

Are you taking proper walkign boots ?




 I would like to say i'm ready but i'm not, i've got my boots though, yes they are walking boots but they were not very expensive, i've infact just been out on a long walk and they were relatively comfy!

 The weather still looks hot out there, so i'm still debating the type of clothes to bring!

Are you bringing a suitcase or a holdall?


I'm bringing a suitcase, still need to buy a rucksack as well. Can you give me advice where you bought the boots ? I went to the shop advertised by Exodus, called Nomad, but the boots were more than 100 quid, a bit too pricey. I'm also thinking what clothes to bring, I'm sure it will be still warm there anyway :-) maybe just colder at night. 


Ok well i brought a 30l rucksack from, they have a wide selection of Karrimor rucksacks and they are not too pricey. The same website also do walking boots.  Another good website is, they have a good selection of walking boots. Again not too pricey. I brought mine from a local shop, they are lightweight which is the most important thing.

I'm having trouble knowing what clothes to bring too, outdoor clothes are quiet expensive, so i've gone for linen trousers, cargo trousers and some long shorts. With regards to tops, lots of thin/loose/longish sleeves ones.

I'm getting quiet excited now, i think the airport will be the scariest part, but i'm sure i'll spot some fellow travellers- i'll look out for the walking boots! :)


Thanks for the tips :-). Yes, i did try sports direct before, managed to get some boots now as well.

I'm also having a bit of trouble gathering all the clothes. Not sure if anyone is taking any clothes for the evening etc.

Also, checked the weather yesterday, looking great :-)

ps. not sure i will be wearing walking boots to the airport ;-)

But I hope we recognize each other somehow ...


Hey guys,

I am getting very excited now too! Hope your both well. It is good to see that the wather is good. I am really looking forward to a bit of sunshine :)

I think I am just bringing a sturdy pair of trainers rather than proper walking boots. as for clother I reckon layers is best. I will bring a couple of smarter tops for evenings. I know my problem is going to be making sure I don't pack too much!

Maybe we could swap contact details for the airport?

See you soon! Sarah x

Yeh same here! Layers and loose clothing! I'm not an outdoor-sy person so my clothes are cheap and cheerful!lol I think i'll struggle not going over the 20kg!

 I'm hoping we will recognise each other in the check-in queue! However if you email me your mobile numbers, i can forward you mine number via email and not this message board! Its [email protected].

 Where are you all coming from in the country?

oh, I'm exteremely looking forward to some sunshine :-)

As far as clothes, I don't think I will take many as I'm not a really sporty person either.

Maybe a long cotton dress for the evening too ? Also, are you guys taking scarfs, I have read somewhere it is recommended for the dessert.

I live in London so that's where I will be coming from :-)

Also, good idea about exchanging mobile numbers. We can do it later next week ? My e-mail: [email protected]

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