Marrakech and the Sahara

Hey! My first time booking with exodus, very excited already! looking to here from anyone else going on this trip? :)


I'm not actually going on this trip, but Marrakesh and Sahara was my first (of 5) trips with Exodus... great fun, you'll have a ball... Enjoy yourself, you'll no doubt continue to travel with this wonderful company again and again and again...

Emma Shubrook

Hello, I'm going on this trip too it will be my third trip with Exodus (Inca trail last October which was my first and Sri Lanka in March). I've absolutely loved the other trips and am sure we'll have a ball on this one too!  I can't wait!




 Im thinking about booking this trip as my first with Exodus.  I was also looking at the trip departing on 17/10/2010, as Im traveling by myself would the solo trip on 31/10/2010 be better for me??  Let me know your experiences and also as it'll be my first adventure holiday, what do I need to take!!

Thanks, Im exciting at the prospect of my trip but also nervous!!


Hi, I've been on 4 Exodus hols, always been solo, always had a great time.  On two of the breaks there were a few couples with majority lone travellers... Cuba 14 singles and one married couple... all between 25 - 60.  You're never alone on these hols as, in my experience, lovely people who love life, adventure and travelling.  The reps are also in tune with fellow travellers, some shy, some more extrovert, keeping everyone involved and together enjoying their break. If a little nervous, try a single week, not too long, not too short. I love these holidays, off to Sri Lanka for fortnight in Oct... Yay!



Thanks for that, thats really helpful :) I thought it best to go on a shorter trip for the first one, this 8 day trip seems perfect.  Im definatley up for this trip just deciding whether to go for the solo trip now, they are only 2 weeks apart.

Im hoping to love it so much I will want to do more trips and Im looking forward to going away with people that wat to visit amaxing places as much as me! :)


This trip takes you to many beautiful facets of Morocco...

Have a wonderful time, have fun, Enjoy! Janeeee



I have booked this trip now and am really excited.  Time to start reading my Morocco guide book!!


I have just booked up to go on this trip and it will be my fist with Exodus and the first time I have travelled alone!  Really excited about it, especially the Camel ride!!



Hi I've just booked this first solo trip as well. I'm excited and scared!!! Hope I get the calm camel lol.  Think I need to go and buy the walking boots now and thats a first for me too lol!! Oh this is going to be fun. 


Looks like we are in the same boat!!

Im hopefully going to look for walking boots tonight and I need a sleeping bag.

Does anyone know if its best to get a season 3 or 4, Im undecided.

So much to preapre before we go. Im soo excited though :)


Can't remember what tog my sleeping bag was, but it does get bit nippy at night in the desert.  Also, bit chilly in the Atlas mountains... don't forget your fleece!  Enjoy yourselves, Can't tell you anymore, I'll ruin the surprises of your holiday! Janeeee


Can anyone if you have been on this trip or are planning too recommend what I will need to take to wear? I realise it'll be getting colder at this time of year but seems like it'll still be pretty warm.

Obviously Im taking walking boots, pair of sandals but other than that what will I really need day to day??

 I need an idiots guide, never been on a trip like this before :)


Practical clothes needed, for the days... I don't remember dressing 'up' up, few nice tops for the eves, Just please make sure you're in long trousers in Magical Marrakesh, Moroccan guys like British girls, need I say more!!!  Your guide will advise when you're there...  

I've fond memories of this adventure, am envious for you all - have fun, I'm off to Sri Lanka in 43 days 1 hour!  Janeeee

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