Marrakech & The Sahara

hi who is going to fly out on the 24th march 2013 something new for me be nice to say hi to anyone who is going before the departure lounge lol


Though I will join in Morroco. There are 2 of us from Switzerland.

hi so what are your name and  hope to see you both soon really looking forward to this trip im tom by the way 



Hi Tom,

My name is Claire, and I'll be travelling with a friend of mine - Sophia. We'll be meeting you in Ouarzazate.

I'm not sure how many are on the trip or the demographics.

Looking forward to meeting you there. 

I'm on this trip too, look forward to meeting (some) of you during the Casablanca stop over

- others later!




I'm on this trip as well - where is everyone from?



hi im departing from heathrow england looking forward to it too. Has anyone been exploring before with exodus or just in general to far away places, and can anyone recomend a good walking specialist shop for gear or just a few basic tips ? as im a virgin traveller lol



Never been with Exodus before but done a similar thing with another company before - should be a good trip.

You could try Go Outdoors - they tend to have the best range of outdoor / walking related things.



Me and my g/f are going on this trip. We are looking at sleeping bags at the moment. 

Go Outdoors should have everything you need.



LifeVenture SleepLite Sleeping Bag 750

hello again ive just got myself a sleeping bag of wiggle 2 season feel like im bringing the kitchen sink oh well i suppose it will keep me fit lugging it around lol


I've tried to find out about bars, airside, to meet up during our stop over but without any luck. Presume it's a fairly small airport and most people hanging around for hours will be in our group ... hope to meet some of you there. Julie

Hi Julie were r u flying
from ?

Hi Tom

I'm another Julie going on this trip and will be departing from Heathrow.  Like you this is my first time so it would be good to meet up.  I'm coming up from Cornwall and due to bus times I will be at the airport fairly early.

Hi Julie I'm hoping to get to airport about 1pm ish to avoid traffic so ur New to this too how's your packing going think I got most things
Are you going for the exodus travel insurance ? Can't wait now



Anyone know a decent pub at the airport for pre-flight drinks?

If anyone wants to arrange something properly email is [email protected] - can swap a few numbers and arrange a place to meet for a drink. 

hi again peeps

who is flying from heathrow and what time are you going to be arriving at the departure lounge i see 5 so far are you like me all solo or with a partner/friend experianced trekkers ?

its getting closer and i cant wait the other reviews sound really good from previous trips too

looks like a little bit of everthing is in this trip camels hiking relaxing warm weather chilly nights etc etc

if like nick you fancy swapping email or numbers or just chatting on here feel free to my addy is and dont be put off by my email address its just unique no ego tripper lol

[email protected]

chat soon


Hi Nick & Tom

My coach gets in to Heathrow at about 1ish so there'll be pleanty of time to find people and meet for pre-drinks, I'll do some research in to decent pubs and let you know what I find, I've taken note of your e-mail addresses so will be in touch soon.  Yes Tom this is my first time to, haven't even thought about the packing yet but am determined to start thinking about it this weekend. Nick as you've done this sort of thing before if you have any good tips please let us know.



Hi All,

I'm also flying from heathrow and although I've not booked travel to the airport yet, would be great to meet for pre-flight drinks.  My email is [email protected] See you at the airport.


hi peeps

we all seem to have got the emails sorted

I do like to chat on here as well

And its getting closer just had some jabs thought oh why not as im planning more trip end of the year as next yr its my 50th and its just got to be celebrated some where special

enought about me

hi henrietta how are you ? have you ben on many trips to exotic locations before




I've done one group tour which was to Japan last year so this trip will be a complete change to that experience.  Since leaving uni I've tried to get to somewhere new each year - managed a bit of europe, bit of asia, bit of southern africa, bit of aus, so time for a bit of north africa - see you at the airport! Should be a great trip.




Hi all

My name is Megan and I'm also flying out of Heathrow.
My first group trip so very excited.

Hi everyone, the other Julie (B) here!

Will look for fellow travellers at H'row, but as mentioned on an earlier post, H'row is huge but CasaBlanca probably not.  My current quandary is what to pack?

- it's warm, mid 20's but with clear skys presumably cold at night ... but being a Muslim country have to be aware of local customs re short etc  i.e shorts & T-shirt during the day with fleece for the evening; do you guys concur?


Hi Peeps

Ive been in the middle east once before and it was warm in the day and cold at nite but not below freezing maybe 5 degrees ish im packing convertible trousers and some shorts plus a few shirts etc definately a softie just in case i suppose its going to be a 1st time experiance for a few of us really then

Hi Megan, Julie & Henrietta

I went to Marrakech a couple of years ago, all be it nothing like this, it was an all inclusive in a very nice hotel!!!  Anyway, we went in to the main city and quite a few of the tourist locations where they were very relaxed with the dress code for women and we were able to wear shorts and strappy t-shirts, what the guide did say was to take something with us just in case. I took a very light long sleeve shirt which was easy to carry and I could slip on easily if needed, hope this helps.

I have Tom & Nicks mobile numbers and  have arranged to text them to meet up at Heathrow, if you would like to have my number then send me an e-mail and I'll  let you have it, then if you would like to join us you can.  My e-mail is [email protected].  Look forward to meeting you all.

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