Marrakech & the Sahara @ Christmas


I've just booked this trip and wondered if anyone out there was going? Would be good to chat!

I'm very excited at the thought of spending Christmas in the desert, less so at the thought of having to ride a camel, but it will all add to the experience I guess!


There must be someone else out there going on this trip?!? Less than 2 weeks to go...


Hi Liz,

Really looking forward to the holiday now. Can't decide whether it is really cold hat and glove weather or light clothes with a warm jumper. What do you think.


Hi Rose

I think I'm going to take as many layers as I can fit in my bag! It's going to be very cold at night but the temp in the day is 17-20 at the moment. Are you flying from Heathrow?



Hi Liz and Rose - I'm coming too! Am a bit nervous as this is my first tour but I'm sure we will all bumble along together. I'm flying from Heathrow too. Are you taking rucksacks or suitcases? 



Hi Rosie, it's my first trip too so I'm also a bit nervous, but really looking forward to it! I was going to take a holdall, but think it might have to be a suitcase so I can fit everything in. Let me know if you want to meet up in Heathrow - I'm planning on having a glass of wine to celebrate going away!


Yes - I cannot believe I'm going to ask this question - but what kind of shoes are you all taking? I've got some hiking boots which I thought I might chuck in, and then some casual shoes. Rosie

I'm taking hiking boots and probably a pair of casual shoes. I don't think it's going to be warm enough for sandals unfortunately!


Hi Liz and Rosie

Yes, I am going from Heathrow. Will look out for you. Going to take a rucksack. Sounds like good advice to layer up. See you soon.


I emailed Exodus about which bag to take and they advised against taking a suitcase, so a holdall or rucksack will have to do. Looking forward to meeting you both on Saturday!

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