Marrakesh and the Sahara-30th Oct

Heya everyone whos going on this trip!!!!! Its my first exodus and solo adventure. im very excited!!!!! 

Cant wait to meet you all and live the adventure!!!!!!!! xxx 



Nice to meet you Becky, just booked the trip tonight and looking forward to it. Been on on a couple of Exodus solo bookings and both times the groups have been great so expecting the same again.

hey. :-)  Its coming round so quick aswell, im driving eveyone mad with a week by week count down lol. wot other trips have you been on with exodus? xxx


Been to Venezuela, Jordan, Sri Lanka and India/Nepal with Exodus, the first 2 were 'normal' trips the second 2 were solo trips. All have been enjoyable but I think the solo trip groups were a little better as everyone is in the same situation

sounds good. yes i was so glad they offered the solo departures. hopefully will be the first of many for me lol xxx



Hi Becky & Alan- Just booked this trip. Been on three Exodus holidays before (Alan- last one I did was India/ Nepal too as a solo trip and it was brilliant). Can't wait for this one. In bad need of a holiday but its three months away! Look forward to meeting you both (and the others).


yes three months does seem like a long time :-( before we know it we will be on the plane tho!!!!!! :-) xxx



Indeed Becky! Time does seem to be flying by this year. I don't know anything about Morocco apart from their signature dish Lamb tangine! But I have googled Morocan beer and gather their most poular tipple is Spéciale Flag. Saha wa'afiab (apparently cheers in Moroccan!)


Hi, Booked my first trip with Exodus. Excited!!! Can't wait. Nice to meet you guys here on the forum. Looking forward to a great holiday!

mmmm lamb is ill have to try and remember that phrase!!

hey sudar,we are both going on our first exodus hol,it is v exciting isn't it.cannot wait.

 its like just over ten weeks all, woop woop xxx

just curious, do any of you know wot size water bottle you are going to take yet? i know its early yet to think about but ive only got a 700ml one at the moment. do you think that would be alright? xxx



Hi Becky- no idea! I've got one of those aptly named camel packs which carries a litre and a half. But exodus guides are really good at stopping for water/beer so shouldn't be a problem so I reckon 700ml is fine. Two months to go peeps! Can't wait to explore Marrakesh in particular. What sparkly treats will we find!?

 ps- Hi Sudar. welcome to the group! 


Hi guys!

I booked this trip yesterday and very excited!  Found Exodus through recommendations from my brother and a friend who both had great things to say about the company.  Really looking forward to meeting you all!


okay kwl fanx for the advice :-) not long now woop lol

hey jen,i had recommendations aswell from my cousin. cant wait either, exciting stuff lol.



You weren't the last to book Jen, I have just booked!! They said I was the 14th...

This will actually be my 7th Exodus trip. And, for the people new to Exodus, every single one has been fantastic to date so I am really hoping this one will be as well!!

I had best start thinking about what the weather might be like I guess.....see you soon!!


Wow- a sudden flurry of people. 14 people is a good sized group! Look forward to meeting everybody. Just wondered if anyone wanted to meet for a cheeky coffee at Costa at Heathrow. Flight is at 5pm ish  but does anyone want to meet at say 4pm? From memory Costa is straight in front of you just as you get through those metal detector things.

Sounds good! REally looking forward to meeting everyone. Just realised how quickly the trip is coming round - time for some serious looking at that packing list!!

I'm up for meeting for a coffee, sounds like a good idea. We can see if we are any good at playing the "Spot an Exodus Person" game....

yeh that sounds good, ive never been to heathrow but im sure i will find it it after youve checked in and that? im a amatuer traveller im afraid lol. and packing list sounds good, i do love a list. xxx

yeh that sounds good, ive never been to heathrow but im sure i will find it it after youve checked in and that? im a amatuer traveller im afraid lol. and packing list sounds good, i do love a list. xxx


Good stuff guys. Madz- Indeed- I look forward to playing the 'are they? aren't they game!' and yes anyone in Timberland or Berghaus footwear is definetly travelling with us!

 Becky- Yep Costa is easy to find. Actually it could be a Starbucks or a Pret(?!) but basically it's the coffe shop straight in front of you when you get to the terminal between the duty free alcohol and perfume stores.  

okay kwl beanz.thankyou :-) xxx

Hi guys, quick packing question . . .

Have any of you any epxerience of the type of sleeping mats etc. used for the bedouin camp or moutain gite?  I've got a dodgy back at the mo and not sure if to pack my trusty thermarest as a backup!?

 Also, what's the consensus on sleeping bags . . . 3 season, or 4?

hey, im gunna pass on the first bit but im taking a 3 season im sure i read that that is what is recommended for that time of year. xxx


Jen, have you asked anyone in the Exodus office? For most of the trips someone in the office seems to have been on the trip, so that they can specifically answer that kind of question. If not, if you are in any doubt and you have the room, why don't you take it? Those nights are early on in the trip and you don't want your back to ruin the whole week for you.

I suspect it will be 3 season for me, looking at the current temperatures out there,. Im not adverse to sleeping in every item of clothing I have, if necessary!!


Realised its two weeks to the day that we fly out peeps!  It's flown by. Dedicated next weekend for clothes shopping- not very wise considering its all winters warmers, long johns and duffle coats in the shops! So i suspect I will be giving up and buying 'I love Morocco' and fake Tommy 'Hilfigure' and 'Kelvin' Klein t-shirts out there. 'I give you good price eh?'  

Hahahaha!!!! Yes, because those T-shirts always last so well, if you are lucky they might even survive two washes and you will be able to wear them to impress your friends at home as well!!!!

The shops here are full of snowboots and artic coats now, I am SO relieved that I should get another blast of sun before the first snow. Although I see it is due to rain in Ouarzazate this weekend...

Hi guys,

 Just to confirm after my last query about the mats/mattresses at the Bedouin camp and in the mouthain lodge - there are full matresses to sleep on rather than mamts, and so any extra sleeping mats etc not necessary, even with a dodgy back!  Exodus also reports that daytime temperatures are expected to be about 24/25C, with it being a little cooler at the higher altitudes, so layers seem to be the way forward.

Looking forward to getting going now and meeting you all - also if any of you are in need of parking at Heathrow I am using a service I've used lots of times before and it's really reasonable - check out and put in the voucher/promotional code OCTOBER10 for a 10% discount!!!



OK, I am officially excited now....see you guys tomorrow!!! Maybe even at the coffee shop!!!

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