Mera Peak trip - anyone going?

Hello guys (and girls)!

Anyone going for Mera Peak in October?  Would be great to get in touch before we meet in Kathmandu. I am so so excited and a little bit scared, especially of ice axe/crampon part, i only done ice climbing once...

Wll be looking forward to meeting anyone on this trip, pls drop a line.


Cheers, Irena





Hi Irena,

Yes I'm going on the same trip and really looking forward to it! Are you meeting us out there or flying out from the UK with the group? I wouldn't worry too much about the technical stuff. Having spoken to a few people it sounds pretty straight forward apart from the last 50 metres!

Would be good to catch up I agree before heading out there.

Look forward to hearing from you!



Hi James

 good to hear from you, and thanks for the reassurance. I am really looking forward to this trip, no matter if I make it to the top or not. Have not been in the mountains for ages.. I am flying off from Heathrow on the 16th, and I assume the majority of the people will be on this flight.  Are you flying from London or joining in Kathmandu?


regards Irena


Hi Guys  - hope you're thriving.

I'm on the same adventure ----------- and I am probably the old crumbly of the expedition -- but hopefully it will not be too obvious. Mera Peak sounds like a fantastic challenge - fingers crossed we all achieve our goals. I'm flying out earlier, by a couple of days -------- us wrinklies need more time to acclimatise. I look forward to meeting you and the rest of the party in Kathmandu.

Kind regards Peter


Hi guys,

Good to hear from you. Can't believe it's only a few weeks away now - so much to sort before I go! Feel the need to up the training a bit too (says he having just finished a Chinese takeaway...) but will be great fun I'm sure. 

 I'm flying out on 16th from Heathrow. Biggest fear is my luggage getting lost - fingers crossed that won't happen.

If anyone wants a chat beforehand to discuss gear or anything happy to talk things through!



Just wondering how/whether people have managed to pack a bag weighing just 15kg all inclusive for the trip? Think my plastic boots/axe/crampons alone are getting on for that! Any one got any bright ideas? (Or know if the high altitude bits are on top of our 15kg allowance?)

Look forward to meeting everyone on Fri/Sat!


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