MIJ Rajasthan Cycle 21.2.14

Anyone else going?


3 weeks today and we will be on our way! Any idea how many people are on this particular trip?

Looking forward to returning to India and sharing a great trip, weather has to be better than the UK !!.

When I booked 3 weeks ago, there were 9 of us on the trip.

See you all in 20 days 

9 would be a nice number, guessing we might get a few late bookers.
I have been told there are 2 other women according to a guy in our cycling club. He thinks his sister & her Dutch friend are on this trip.
Have any of you been advised to take anti malarial drugs? We've been treated as back packers re immunisations, but not made the final visit so still need to make the malaria decision.

You poor men are very outnumbered then! One of the men is my husband.
Is the whole group travelling out together from Heathrow?

I'm travelling out from Heathrow, but with Emirates, and am sheduled arrive about 1 hour prior to the group (hopefully !), so will meet the group at the hotel.  Should be nice to be "outnumbered", sounds much nicer to be faced by 6 ladies  rather than 8 men.

Right I'm fed up with cold & windy weather interrupting my cycling, can we just go to India now please?

With you on the weather, fed up with repairing things - roll on sun and warmth !!

3 more days at work. If we don't have enough bike miles in the bank, it's too late. The packing has been started, reviewed & will be left until the last minute! I've just got the list of hotels & I'm pleasantly surprised. Now looking forward to starting this adventure!

Hope to spot you at Heathrow!

Single guy here-glasses/short hair!!

If not see you at Delhi 

See you all very soon.

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