MIK Kerala & Toprical India - Feb 2011

We're booked on this trip on Feb 12th... anyone else here signed up?

Our first exodus trip and first trip to india, should be good.

My first trip with Exodus too. A bit quiet this forum. Have you done much in the way of training rides in preparation?


This is our first trip with Exodus and first long activity holiday, so we are a bit nervous about how fit we need to be. We have done a couple of long rides-about 30 miles-but nothing near a 50 mile ride yet. Have been trying to get a bit fitter at the gym, as the bad weather at xmas made it difficult to get out on the bike. Are there any women on this trip?

I hope so and plenty of beer stops!


Hi this is Martin and Eileen, have just done a 40 mile ride in the freezing cold and we found it knackering, hopefully the warmer climes will be better! Where is everyone from? We are from Lancashire, in the Ribble Valley. 

Hi Martin and Eileen i am most impressed. I did wheel the bike out the shed but it was so cold i decided to put it back and went to the pub and watched the FA Cup football instead, Doug


Hi All, This is my first cycling and Exodus 'holiday', only got back on my bike after years a couple of months ago a little wobberly. It has been so cold training not done that much. But v excited and very nervous! Kate and Richard. Milford on Sea Hants.



Hi, Glad to hear from another female! Was getting a bit worried might be the only one! Is anyone taking their own bike or saddles? We are probably taking our own saddles - I am a bit worried about being on a different bike and coping with potholes etc. Getting a bit nervous and excited at the same time, as departure date draws near.


We have decided to rent bikes, we will take our own saddles and Richard is taking his own peddles. I have a road bike so I think it will take a while to adjust. There are so many things to potentially be concerned about, I have decided to just get excited. Probably until the airport then I'll be v v worried!

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