MIR Cycling Sri Lanka

I would love to hear from anyone planning this trip, particularly those departing 26th January

We are a 2 and we are going too.  Just starting to look at the trip notes for visas and vaccinations.. Any advice?

To be honest I don't think I'm going to bother with any jabs. It's hard to get any useful info on this. Everyone has to cover their backs so recommend a whole load, just to be on the safe side. The only precaution I'm going to take is malaria prophylaxis. Even that is a little confused, as it's not a problem in the tourist hotspots that we'll be visiting. Best to try and avoid being bitten if possible. Easier siad than done. I haven't investigated Visas. How's your cycling?


Barb - It would be nice to9 hear from anyone doing this trip.  Am looking forward to it.


Hi I am booked on the trip starting 27 Jan with my wife Sarah but we are travelling out early to look at Colombo and then overnighting at Sigiriya before everyone else arrives. Looking forward to the cycle we did Thailand Cambodia and Vietnam last January so hopefully this trip we be as good.

Hi.  I looked at the MASTA webiste for advice on Vaccinations, and just had to have a HEP A update to keep me in vaccinations for 10 years.   I plan to look at Visa soon..  I am slightly worries about the "challenging" sections of this trip, but I am told it is worth the effort.  Really looking forward to it now..


I see Andy did Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam last year - I'm joining that one next week, my first Exodus trip  - any tips?? I'm really looking forward to it!


This was a really good holiday although over 50% of the cycle miles were completed in the first 3 days in Thailand as there was not that much to see. Cambodia and Vietnam had more attractions thus there was more visiting than cycling but a very good balance in my opinion. On nearing towns etc we travelled in the support vehicle for safety not alot of room for bikes, cycles, cars etc on some roads. The daily cycles were split into managable chunks because of the heat and relative cycling abilities of the group but we all pretty much stayed together. 

Hi Andy - did you do this trip in late January last year?



Thanks for that Andy - I think cycling in the heat and humidity will be a challenge! But looking forward to the balance of sight seeing and cycling.


Hi All! I'm booked along with my hubby for the trip beginning 27th Jan. We're flying in the day before and spending the day in Negombo, then joining the group transfer to Sigiriya. We've got our visitor visas already, the website was really quick and easy, with confirmation of approval within about 5 minutes of applying. Really looking forward to it! We cycled the Vietnam trip last year and loved it! Hoping to able to get up those hills - my bikes been out of action for a couple of weeks, so fingers crossed I can find some fitness. 


Hi Mary yes January 2012 I think you may have been on the same trip



Yes, will be nice to see you again.  I think this one will be tougher.  Are you taking your own bikes again?


Yes we are taking them again at least I know the standard of bike i am riding. Although there shouldn't be the bike swaps there were last time. Means you keep what you start with not sure whether that will be good or bad though. I think the cycle up the hill will be interesting not easy to practice that one in Cambridgeshire

A 'heads up' for those in Sri Lanka in advance of the main group. There is a massive festival near Colombo which culminates on the night of Full Moon (26th January) So you may either want to go and see it or perhaps avoid the area. It takes place at the Kelaniya Temple just a few miles NE of Colombo. If anyone is interested the Hotel Clarion is nearby and as of today still seems to have rooms available (which worries me slightly as this is supposedly a festival attended by many thousands) One thing also to bear in mind about this festival is that is a POYA (fast) day which means that shops and businesses are likely to be closed, and so food (esp.meat) and alcohol will not be available, probably. Having said all this I hope I'll be able to get to the airport the next day to meet the group!!!


Thanks for the heads up Docb -hubby said he found some info that on the full moon all shops are closed. We're staying on for a few days from the 26th.  We plan to stock up on essentials - aka booze, before the said date. We got caught out on the exact same date in India on the Exodus trip there which is their National/Independene Day (incidentally the same day in Australia too), so it's not a date to forget) and couldn't find alcohol (easily for our Kerala backwater trip overnight on the boat).  I still havent heard from anyone going on the 12-26 Jan MIR trip - Anyone out there?

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