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After putting down a desposit on AYB trip in August, I was disappointed to see that what is specified as a 10 day holiday in the brochure just seems to be getting shorter by the minute. Leaving London late evening and arriving back very early morning surely should not count as days in your brochure. I would suggest this is really only an 8 day adventure and should be advertised as such. I admit that it is in the small print but the agent we booked through did not have the flight times and sold it us as a 10 day holiday. Rant over now to say how much I am looking forward to the holiday and what an experience it will be for me.


Ah, Dubber, they all do it, and all the time.  Leave New York at 11:20 PM, arrive in China 11:30PM, .... two days gone, all on the damned airplane..... that is not a vacation in my book.

I always look at the number of days my feet are on the ground in-country.  And, if it is less than 12 hours, I don't count it.  Makes for crazy calculations, but at least "I" know what "I" am talking about.


Yeah the trick is not to let it frustrate you too much I suppose as it can then impact the rest of the holiday. Anyway the journey is part of the holiday even if it is stuck in a metal tube at 20,000ft.


My trip is advertised as 23 days, but I've been booked on flights that get me there 18 hours earlier.  So I get an extra night.  It's all just the luck of the draw & flight availablity.  Happy Travels.


I have to say, in Exodus's defence that it has never been misleading, and is hardly "in the small print." It is, and always has been, laid out very clearly in their brochure's itineraries. Perhaps your travel agent should have made this clearer. Better to book direct - but - read the "trip notes" before you do!

At the time I paid my deposit the agent was unable to get flight information from exodus. We knew the day but not the times. I (maybe wrongly) assumed that they would not count a flight that departed so late.

Why not deal with Exodus directly yourself, either by phone or online, and tell the agents to take a running jump and get stuffed. Travel agents are pretty well unnecessary these days.

 Munch (Derek Mitchell)

I travel on my own and now always use Exodus (currently on my 10th trip next month with them )and I can not think of any reason not to just deal with them directly.  I always find them really helpful no matter how daft my questions might be and the one and only time that I did have a bit of an issue (own flight/group transfer issue) it was sorted out immediately which if going through a third party I doubt would have been the case.  I would also like to say in Exodus's defence that I have never found them or their literature misleading and indeed like the way they publish customer's reviews - good or not.


All travel companies include travelling days as part of the trip.

If I were in a tube travelling at 20,000 I would be concerned.  I prefer mine to be at at least 30,000. 


As most people have quite rightly pointed out, all of the information is in the trip notes and yes sometimes the flights do infringe on the days of the holiday but we all know that to get to these wonderful places, we have to fly and so that takes time!  Also i agree in not using travel agents, i haven't in years and as Annj says they sort out any issues that may come up straight away which i doubt agents could!  Hope you had a good holiday!

Well i also booked with another company, His name is "traveco" they are doing great with us, but i never try your's, So be care full when you deal with this types of companies, But for me travelco.pk is the best. I suggest you try this.

I always look at the number of days my feet are on the ground in-country. And, if it is less than 12 hours, I don't count it. Makes for crazy calculations, but at least "I" know what "I" am talking about.

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I have travelled a number of times with Exodus and I can attest the information is accurate. Before booking with my travel agent, I first do my due diligence and find out not only costs, dates, itinerary but fully read the trip notes before booking.  My travelling buddy and I make it a policy of arriving a day in advance to shake the dreaded jet lag and use that time to explore our surroundings, take photographs, have a nice meal before meeting our tour guide and the group.  Over the years this strategy has served us well and do recommend it.

I know this is a very old thread that has been revived recently, but I had a similar experience that made me ask the arrival and departure dates everytime I decide to book a tour. It's just one of those things you learn to do eventually.

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