MMA - descending the Atlas

Hello fellow descenders!

Wondering whether other people doing this trip are bringing their own bikes or hiring? Both options appeal for different reasons (comfort vs. ease), so I am trying to make my mind up!

Can't wait for some sun and dry weather biking (fingers crossed)



Hey Louize,

 I'm going to take my own, partly because I'm a bit of a midget and want to be comfortable on my own bike.  Apparently Air Maroc will charge a standard fee to travel with a bike (I think its somewhere around £30 each way).



I always rent a bike from Exodus mainly because of the cost.  US airlinse charge up to $150 each way so it's cheaper to rent.  They usually have several sizes to choose from, BUT bring your own saddle or gel cover.  Anyone know how many folks are on this trip?  And where they're from?


Just checked with Exodus.  There are 16 people booked on this trip so it's full! 7 females and 9 males, most of them are solo travellers. Most people are from UK but there are also people from Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland and the US.

HI Walter - Its David. We rode together in Jordan . Great news that you are on this one . Just hoping I dont get snowed in to heathrow like last year . What a disaster !

Looking forward to burning some brake rubber on this


best D 

OK, I am going to risk it and use a rental bike...but bringing saddle and pedals.

Is anyone arriving earlier/leaving later? I am travelling from Belgium and get there on the 21st and leave on the 29th.

Looking forward to it!


I'll arrive on Tuesday December 20. I will also stay a bit longer until December 30.



Hello folks

I've just contacted Air Maroc - basically to transport a bike it costs 55 Euros each way, the bike must be bagged (obviously) and not weigh more than 23 kgs (mine weighs a tonne).

Kinda thinking I should have rented but hey ho, too late now... Fingers crossed it gets there in one piece...

I am arriving on the 22nd but earlier  than the group flight 

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