MOC - Cycle Indochina & Angkor - 9th March '13 departure.

Hi all,

Having had a great trip with Exodos last year to Morocco, I've just signed up for the Cycle Indochina trip on the 8th March 2013.  It's nearly full so there must be quite a few of us going.  It would be good to hear from you if you're coming along - perhaps we can meet for a coffee in the Heathrow departure lounge?


Hit here, I'm going on the Indochina trip though think it leaves on 9th March, rather than the 8th doesn't it? It would be good to meet for a coffee in the departure lounge with anyone else who is going.

Helen (London) 

Hi Helen. Yes it's definitely the 9th of March but all the dates seem to be off by one day on the forum system so I had to pick the 10th as the closest date. It would be good to meet up in the departure lounge and perhaps we can organise a place to meet up closer to the time. 

I'm looking forward to it now.  Have you got your visas sorted out? It seems you can now get the Cambodian visa as an e-Visa and apply online so that makes it easier.

I spoke to the travel clinic about vaccinations etc and I think they were a bit over-eager to sell me every possible vaccination! If I'd gone with everything they recommended it would have cost me around £300! So for the time being, I'm just going to get the NHS ones and some anti-malarials and seek further advice about how necessary the others are. 

Nick (Southampton)

Wow, I'm really confused about the dates - I see what you were getting at now! 9th is the correct date, but I was forced to pick 10th by the forum system, so no idea why I said 8th in my original post.

Hi Folks,

I was number 15 to book and will be leaving on the 10.50 flight from Heathrow. I have not sorted out visas but will be sending my passport to the Vietnam embassy in the next couple of days. I am assured by Exodus that the visa for Cambodia can be bought at entry so will be doing that as I find this the best way when going to a country that uses this method. I have not yet arranged transport to Heathrow but should be there in time, as I live in Bucks, so would be great to meet up. Let me know details of where when you decide. 



Hi all,

 I guess I booked the last space available on the trip. Since I am from Germany I will meet you in Bangkok directly hoping not to miss the first cycling in the afternoon on March 10...


Hi there

Does anyone know how long it takes to get a Vietnamese visa? Also has anyone else extended their trip to stay a couple more days in Vietnam?

Nick, thanks for the tip re vaccinations, I have yet to arrange mine so will get onto them asap. I won't be having £300 worth - I hope..


Hi Helen,

           I have just received a reply from the Vietnamese embassy which quotes prices, times etc so if you send me your e-mail adress I will forward it on to you. Basically it is 5 days. I have also been assured that we can get the visa for Cambodia on entry which is what I will do.

HI Mike

Sorry to take ages to reply. that would be great thanks. It's [email protected]. Really looking forward to the trip! 


Hi all,

 I will be joining the trip at Bangkok airport as I will flight directly from Helsinki to Bangkok.

I have not yet decided whether I will apply for the Cambodia e-visa in advance or leave it for the entry - does anyone have experince on the e-visa? For Vietnam Finnish citizen do not need a visa based on the information I got from the Vietnamese embassy.

Looking forward ro the trip (half a meter snow in Helsinki and -1C for the time being...)!

Hi Suvi,

From the U.K. we need to purchase our visa for Vietnam before we go but can buy our visa on point of entry for Cambodia which I will be doing. Don't know if it is the same from Finland.

See you there.

P.S. I love snow.



I signed up for a Cambodian eVisa as I figured it can't do any harm to have one. Might save a bit of queuing (but perhaps not if those with eVisas have to wait for those who are queuing). The Vietnamese embassy in the UK were pretty quick at sorting out my visa and I got my passport back within the week.

Although I like it warm, I'm worried this trip will be too hot to cycle! Saigon was 38 yesterday!



... are going to be probably the biggest challenges. The temperature difference might in worst case be close to 50 degrees (we may have still -10 C in Helsinki in March), and I guess the difference will be closer to 40 to UK as well...

Mike - I like snow, however I have to admit that cycling in winter time is no-no for me, so I have not been preparing for the trip by cycling outside for the last few months. Let's see how it goes...


Hi all, really close now and feeling slightly nervous but very excited too. I just wanted to ask, is anyone else taking a suitcase as opposed to a big rucksack? I just don't have a big enough rucksack and given that all of stuff is going to be transported for us anyway I just wondered. I'd really appreciate thoughts..

 Also any thoughts about where to meet at Heathrow?



Hi Helen,

I don't like suitcases so I will be taking one of my trusty backpacks. I have found over the years that you usually take too much clothing so have got used to now taking the minimum and as we are staying in accommodation I will be rinsing out quick drying shirts, underwear and socks. As it is likely to be hot I can't see it will not dry. I'm sure some of the other travellers who have been on adventure holidays are used to wearing 'dirty' clothes. I probably will get to Heathrow between 8.30 and 9.00 so if you are passed check in I would suggest we meet at one of the coffee shops in the in- transit area. I'll carry my cycling helmet which should identify me. Do Exodus still send out their own bags? I've got about 5 and they are very easy to identify.

HI Mike

 Thanks very much for getting back to me. Yes I agree that it is easy to take more than you need and i imagine I am almost certainly going to, despite repacking and taking out stuff twice. But despite that the rucksack I have is just not big enough so I think  annoyingly that I am going to have to take a suitcase. I might check with Exodus tomorrow though, just to be on the safe side. 

re meeting, i think in one of the coffee shops is a good idea. I will check in them, I won;t be carrying my helmet but I will look out for you with yours, you can see roughly what i look like. I will probably be carrying a tan leather bag and a camera case, am about 5"7 with blonde/brown hair and looking nervously around for other people!

I don't have an Exodus bag but will look out for yours. Look forward to meeting you on Saturday.


Hi Helen, I'm taking a standard wheelie suitcase. Mine's up to 15KG already! Last time I travelled I took an Exodus holdall (as we got sent one for the trip) but found it difficult to lug around and even seasoned Exodus travellers had just taken a normal suitcase and seemed to be having an easier time of it!

Presuming that we're all on the same Heathrow flight, then I think we'll be at Terminal 4? I think there's a Costa there where we could meet.  Feel free to text me to ask me where I am (or to tell me where you are for that matter :)   07980 239687

See you all tomorrow hopefully! 


Thanks Nick, really appreciate the reassurance. Just finished work and got home and feelibg nervous but excited. Will bring my suitcase with aplomb thanks to your message.

 I will be at terminal 4 tomorrow and will head for Costa and look out for you. My mobile is 07786 545252. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Sleep well.


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