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MOC December Departure Fellow Travellers

Hi there, is there any other members within the forum on my trip? Myself and my husband are travelling on the 18th December with Maylasian Airways on the 10.50am flight, we were late comers so are travelling a day early and spending a night in Bangkok. 

I'm flying from manchester on the 17th (arrive on the 18th) and staying near the airport.


Hi Keiron, are you travelling alone? This is Ian's and my first venture to far away shores so we are a little green, how about you? We are both keen cyclist but purely for pleasure, running being our first sport for many years. 

Yes I'm travelling alone, I went with exodus years ago (with a friend), Atlas decent (morocco) and the group was quite mixed – some people on their own others in groups and it worked very well. It was all very very well organised, I expect this will be similar, probably a good way to a first trip to Asia. I’ve been to Bangkok for a few days years ago on stop over from Australia and to India a few times but never Cambodia or Vietnam.  


on the 18th and joining the tour leader at Royal Benja Hotel on the 20th.

Look forward to meeting you all.



Hi Guys.  My husband (Rich) and I are travelling from Paris and arriving in Bangkok on 18th and will be staying at the Royal Benja.  We will definitely be going out for dinner(we both love Thai food) so if anyone is interested in joining us let us know! We have both been to Thailand before and I have been to Vietnam but not Cambodia.  I think cycling will be a fabulous way of seeing these places.  Can't wait!



Hi Chaya, Ian & I do not arrive until the 19th December otherwise joining you for dinner would be great as we are new to the far east.  Hope to meet you then and I'm pleased there is another girl embarking on the trip. Have you embarked on this type of holiday before, and are you both keen cyclist?   



Hi, as a late booker, I'm flying Emirates from Heathrow at 8.50 on Saturday morning, so guess we'll meet up in Bangkok. I've not been to Cambodia or Vietnam before and other than a few days trips, I'm new to cycling. Thinking it will be a lovely way to see the countries. Any tips/advice from experienced cyclists for a newbee? 

Alison, to answer your question about whether we are keen cyclists, my husband is but I am more a leisure cyclist.

Catherine, in terms of tips I think the main problem will be sitting on the saddle for many hours!  I have bought a gel you put on the saddle and have tried it on my bike and it is great!  It only costs around£20 from Evans Cycles and we get a 10% discount if you ask exodus to give you a voucher!

So look forward to meeting you all. Only 3 weeks to go now...



Looking unlikley I'll make it flight cancelled from manchester due to snow in paris, no idea if I can get there now hope you all have a good trip and better luck than me.


Im travelling on the Peru trip in a few hours hopefully but concerned about the weather warnings.  I did phone exodus who told me that they are used to cancelled flights and providing you get out on a later one, they will send someone to meet you at the airport.  Phone them up and see what they, assuming you have not already.  They have an afterhours number


GOOD LUCK, Im sure you will get out there


Hi you two, hope you got home safely and are fully recovered, I didn't get your e-mail address as you were both on you annerversary dinner the night Wasan passed out the form for us all to complete. I assume you have a copy of this with our details would love to see some photo shots taken by you Richard, especially the group ones.

Bye for now,


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