MOC Indochina Trip

Hiya, has anybody else booked on this trip?


Hi John

Just booked a couple of places for my wife & I.

Seems a long way off though :-(

Enough time to sort out visas, vaccinations, insurance & get our cycling fitness up a bit :-)

Laurence (& Bronwen)




myself and husband Shawn are booked on this trip.  First time with Exodus for us.  very excited.


John Lomas

Its only my second trip with Exodus. I had no complaints last year it was a fantastic trip. Looking forward to this one. I agree though there is alot to think about, vaccinations, visa's and currency etc. My e-mail is [email protected]


John Lomas

Hiya Everyone,

I was wondering if any of you are taking a mosquito net with you on the trip. I can't see anything written in the trip notes. I've not travelled through area's where malaria is present before so i'm not sure wether to take one or not.


hi all,

Am also booked on november trip too.  I am both excited and nervous at the same time as I haven't done a cycling trip like this before.  The bike has been dusted off and the cycling training has begun...


John Lomas

Hiya Kerry, good to hear from you. I'm the same. I have never been on a cycling trip before, we have vehicle support though should we need it. It should be fantastic. Have you travelled with exodus before?


Hi again

A few more people have appeared since I last looked, it's nice to get a few names up front, less to remember on the trip :-)

For those that are new to Exodus, fear not, we've been on many Exodus holidays and they have never let us down. You'll have a great experience. Never cycled with them though, so that will be fun.



John Lomas

Hiya Laurence, I was wondering if you have ever used Travcour before to get your visa's for previous holidays. I was thinking of using them. Exodus say they are ok. A bit worried about sending my passport through the post.


Hi John,

 we have just obtained our visas for Vietnam.  Did them on our own with no problem, it was easy.  Took 5 days.  As long as you record your passport, don't just send it ordinary mail.  Hope to see you there in Nov.



Hi John,

We were not going to bother with buying nets before we go, I am sure that they will be very cheap there in Nam on the markets.  There is one thing you do not want to get and that is malaria.  Just be sensible.  Hopefully not being the wet season mossies hopefully will not be too much of a problem.



John Lomas

Hiya Ray,

I managed to get my visa for Vietnam through Travcour, they were very good. I was relieved when I got it back though. I've got some anti malarial tablets, but thats a good idea to get a net overthere. I'll probably do that. Regards


Hello there, my boyfriend and I have both booked for this trip. I'm from the UK and he's Italian, but we both live in Italy. I work for an active travel company as a guide myself (not Exodus!) so this will be my first time as a client...pretty exciting. We're hoping we don't suffer too much in the heat. We're more weekend warrior cyclists NOT Lance Armstrong types :-) We won't be on the flight from the UK but we'll see you in Bangkok.


I phoned Exodus about the mos nets and they said they are easily available there cheaply.

not many weeks to go now. see you all there.

great to know info re mos nets, thanks. off to get first round of jags tomorrow - yikes. i am also not on group flight as coming from scotland so will be meeting you all in bangkok. kerry

John Lomas

Hiya everyone, it's good to chat with you all before the trip. Just reading Clair's message promted me to look on the world weather maps. It looks like it avarages between about 21 and 31 degree's C in December, rainfall drops off. It should be ok with less humidity. All the best. John


Judy and I will be joining the trip in Bangkok as we will be coming in from Canada. We are looking forward to a guided trip as our last unguided cycling adventure in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia was too much of an adventure...we found out that bears are not afraid of cyclists and 15-20% grade dirt logging roads are a bit of a challenge :)


[email protected] MARGARET. ( she too is an OAP.)

John Lomas

Hiya Dewain,

Its good to hear from you. Canada sounds interesting, what speed can a bear reach? I am looking forward to the trip very much now. I think i've got all my kit sorted. Never been on a cycling trip before. Like Ray I can't wait to get away from this weather.
All the best


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