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Can anyone help, I have been advised to have around £600 worth of innoculations and malaria tablets for this trip, are hep B, rabies and japanese encephalitis a real risk on this trip? 

Anna d

Hi, I'm afraid we are not qualified to answer your questions about travel health and we recommend you contact your Medical Professional or a Travel Health Clinic. However, recommended vaccinations for this trip are: Polio, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Typhoid, Hepatitis A. Malaria prophylaxis is also essential on this trip. 

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Anna (Trip Manager)


Hi there, £600 doesn't seem right to me.

I'd like to stress that I'm not a doctor so cannot advise you on your personal medical choices.

However I'd like to mention that I am going on this trip and have received all necessary inoculations (the ones Anna mentions) for free on the NHS. I got them 1 month before my pending departure date. Personally I'm taking the risk not to protect against Rabies (as the jab only buys you a few more days - ideal if in more remote regions, plus it's £150) and Hep-B (typical cost £120 - I'll be bringing my own "sharps" kit which may help to reduce the risk of contracting bugs from unsterile hospital kit). Malaria is the only one I've actually paid for, and I think it was around £60 for a two week trip (three weeks worth of tablets). There are many varieties of Malaria tablets (check out for up to date info on which one is relevant to the SE Asia). The patents for all the common malaria tables have now expired, meaning that cheaper non-branded equivalents are available for purchase over the counter or via online pharmacies.

I would recommend consulting your GP.



Thanks for your help. I have now found a travel clinic via Boots and for £20 they have given us detailed advice by telephone. It seems we only need malaria tablets for a few days and a typhoid jab after all. The £20 fee will be offset against the cost of these when we go in to the store for the typhoid jab and to collect our Malerone, so I recommend the service to anyone else who is struggling to get clear advice from their GP's surgery.  We also decided not to have the rabies jab for the same reason as John. Our GP charges the same fee a Boots for the Typhoid innoculation, £30. 

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