MOL - Cycling in Laos and Northern Vietnam - recommended spending money

it says in the tour guide to take sufficient funds for the first 9 days of the holiday as there will be very little access to banks or places to change money in Laos.

Does anyone have any ideas how much would be recommended to cover this period of time as i have very little knowledge of the cost of things in Vietnam and Laos. I believe we will be buying our own lunch and evening meals so this amount will also need to cover this. I am also assuming that a combination of Vietnamese and Laos currency would be recommended but again i'm not too sure on this as dollars were also recommended but i'm not sure how exchangeable these would be in the smaller villages.

if anyone could give me some guidlines it would be greatly appreciated :)




Having done this trip in Hanoi there are ATMs/banks/bureau de changes and from Luang Prabang onwards. I would recommend taking money in US dollar as well as using ATMs. If you have a good supply of small denomination US notes then they can be used in Vietnam/Laos although you will get change in local currency. Food and drinks are cheap so $300 would be more than enough to cover food/drinks costs for the first 9 days. The night market in Luang Prabang is great so any excess cash you had would be easily spent.



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