I am doing the classic Tanzania safari and if anyone has experience of similar trips any advice would be welcome, specifically we were wondering what is a sensible amount of money to take as there appears little opportunity to spend any.




I went last year with another company.  I was camping and the trip lasted about 8 days.  All in I spent about £270 I think but that was with me staying a final night at a hotel near kili airport where I bought lunch/evening meal etc.  It sounds like the trip I did and, in all likelihood, you will spend very little on the safari itself barring drinks and souvenirs.  I spent a fair bit on souvenirs too and was hopeless at haggling.


- take chargers.  I didn't as thought there would be no opportunity to charge cameras etc but there was a plug in our jeep.  You may find the same.  Also the campsite at the crater (I am guessing you will be in Simba A where everyone seems to go) had plugs in the eating area.  English plugs.

- wet wipes.  It gets v dusty!

- good insect repellent.  I covered myself in DEET and escaped with only one bite.

 - have a look in the big supermarkets for Andrex toilet paper on the go.  It';s a roll of paper but with no cardboard middle to it so it packs brilliantly into your bag.


You will have an amazing time.  Look out for the elephants coming into camp at the crater to get to the water tanks.....

Thanks for the tips. One question would be did what currency did you use as we have heard that dollars are best. I have also heard that sterling is accepted.


Def better with dollars. I changed a lot of money on arrival into shillings but most places took dollars. So i just took currency hits on dollars into shillings and back again. Just change a bit into shillings for drinks etc from smaller shops. The souvenir places and most shops took dollars. Plus I found it easier to use dollars in airport at Nairobi where I changed. If you fly into Kilimanjaro there is a currency exchange there and my guess is tour guide will take you on first day to an exchange place.

Thanks for that. Will do as you say and just change a bit and do rest in dollars.

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