Mont Blanc Ascent 21st august 2010

hello,im james,this will be my first exodus trip.anyone else on here going on the same trip ?


Hi James ..I'm Jill and if you are doing the eight day  trip (don't have the code with me today) then me and two of my family are joining you ... never done one before. trying to get really fit and wondering what walking boots to buy ?


hello jill,yes sounds like the trip,depart sat 21st august & return 28th august,few days practice on lower mountains & then 2 days for a mont blanc summit attempt.ive done a few mountains here in the UK,mainly in wales but done ben nevis in summer & winter aswell which was my first exodus trip though,a friend used them last year for everest base camp trip & he said they are very well run &  why i chose them for this trip.

im with you on the boots thing,ive got 3-4 season boots & crampons but im not sure they are upto mont blanc ? it says to get plastic boots on my exodus info,but does mention a couple other boots aswell,im going to ring exodus today & try get abit more info from them,i thought of hiring boots out there but i think that could be a bad idea wearing boots ive never worn before for possibly my toughest asent so i guess il buy brain turned to jelly about any new gear i might need haha,what sort of size rucksack you taking ? ive got a winter 38L pack but not sure its big enough ? so thinking of getting a 50L pack to take.sunglasses,are my mine going to be ok out there or do i need new ones ? hahaha,im sure everyone will be thinking the same stuff as me.

what sort of level are you & your family at with walking ? what sort of thing you doing for your fitness ?


Hi James ..been away from work on course so just picked up your response..not sure we are on same trip though dates are right cos don't think we're going to the top . what grade walk are you doing?



hiya,i been away at moto gp silverstone all weekend so no worries.trip im doing is the ascent & hopefully to the top of blanc weather permitting,exodus say the trip im doing is tough + i think is how the word it


Hi James & Jill

'am just back from Mont Blanc, a trip through my climbing club. Will say this was the hardest walk I've done (completed all the Munros last year), 4 out of 6 made it to the summit. The heat and altitude are a killer. We took 2 1/2 days going up and 1 1/2 coming down, camping for 3 nights in the snow.

Your boot should be a 3/4 season eg Scarpa Manta. Your backpack should be 45 l as you'll be staying in the huts, no need from the camping gear.

You'll need to be fit, plenty hillwalking along with rock climbing and good scrabling, they don't tell you that.

This trip for me was a pre altitude training run for Kilamanjiro in Sep, learnt alot. If you what more info just ask. Will post some photo on a web site later this week


cheers for the info fella ;o) always handy to get abit of inside knowledge.

exodus seem to have the week pretty well organised ??? i hope.we have a few days learning skills & aclimatizing on a couple of lower peaks before we have a go at blanc,weather permitting.

4 out of 6 on your trip is good going,exodus havnt said anything about climbing,abit of scrambling yes so maybe were talking different routes ? im expecting it to be the toughest mountain ive done so far,though pen y fan in winter with 80 mph+ winds & 2 winter nevis trips,1 in 60mph winds & zero visability (which we were smart enough to turn round 160ft from the top as it was to dangerous to carry on) have hopefully taught me a couple of usefull for the altitude,its also a test for me,kilimanjaro in february 2011,heighest ive been so far is schilthorn in the swiss alps at just under 3000m but i realise 4810 for blanc is way beyond where ive been & its going to kick me in the ass making a jump in altitude like that. 

im planning to hire boots,not sure my B1's & C1's will be upto the job though il take them & let the instructors/guides a 50L pack,didnt think my mutant 38 was going to be quiet big enough.

 any more info you wana share & photos would be real cool of you


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