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Hi, just checking in to see who else is on this trip. I’m assuming we’re a full group as I know I had one of the last spaces and now this departure has disappeared. My fitness levels have slipped the last couple of months so now trying to get back into it and hoping to get some walking in. Mind you, I live in Norfolk which is about as flat as it comes so there won’t be much in the way of practising on hills! About 9 weeks to go... Vicki


Hi Vicki,

I should be joining you on the 14th. I live in Malta.... certainly not a mountainous area. Your mentioning the count down - 9 weeks- was pretty scary! Must find time to train!

Marie Louise


Hi Vicki and Marie-Louise,

I will be joining you both....cannot wait, it is going to be amazing!  I ventured up to the Peak District at the weekend to do some training, but the weather was so nice that I spent most of the time in the pub beer garden! Ooops!


Hello Marie-Louise and Rachel, good to hear from you both. My training I mentioned a couple of weeks ago has got off to a very slow start, although I do like the sound of your training Rachel!



My mate Ian and I (both 34) are coming.  I do a fair bit of hill walking, but haven't convinced Ian to do any 'training' yet.  We both like 'liquid training' too ;o)  5 weeks and counting, it's the only thing that keeps me going on the long office afternoons.


So where's everyone coming from? We're from Bristol

I live in Norfolk and will be on the group flight from Heathrow. Is anyone else flying from there?


Yep, we're both on the group flight.  I've just booked the coach tickets - hope I've allowed enough time!


I'm on the group flight too...I am mightly impressed that you have booked coach tickets already!!  I live out Reading way so thankfully only a cab journey away from Heathrow. Vicki, are you staying at Heathrow the night before or just getting up ridiculously early?! .....right, back to counting down those dreary rainy afternoons in the office!

I'll be getting up early, but thankfully the late morning flight means it shouldn't be too bad (famous last words). Having said that, if I'm asleep by teatime you'll know why! Just had a look out of the office window and its currently NOT raining today...yet!

I take that back. It's raining.


Well, Vicki, it seems here in Malta we have a completely different problem! It's too hot to walk for any lenght of time during the day, so any training has to be done early in the morning at sunrise at about 5:00. It's cool and lovely then.... but you must be an early riser to survive!

I'll be joining you all at the airport in Geneve (arrivals point). 

Final joining instructions have arrived. Better think about getting organised! Not long to go...


There are 4 of us traveling from the US to join you.  We are females and cousins.  2 are in their 20s; 1 in her 50s & one 60.  This will be a checkmark on our bucket list.  Safe travels to all.


Blimey, 2 weeks to go this Saturday!  I'm getting properly excited now!!  I can't decide how much spending money to take, any thoughts?  I guess we won't be spending much on a daily basis apart from the 'free' days (I definitely wanna go up the Aguile du Midi).


I'm quite keen on going up the Aguille du Midi too. I haven't given much thought to spending money yet either but like you say Steve, I think its just a couple of lunches and a dinner we have to buy(from memory of when I last looked at the trip notes - better dig them out to check!) , plus I suppose money for drinks and snacks along the way. Lets hope we get some good weather for the views!

Where's all the time gone?! I need to sort my packing out tonight or it'll never happen. Hope everyone's nearly ready. Sad news about the avalanche. Vicki


This was an awesome trip...the aches are kicking in now.  Does anyone know who circulated the email list?  I was gonna start a Facebook group to share photos etc but I only took down a list of full names, not email addresses


Posted by Steve ^^^^

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