Mont Blanc Circuit - dpe 18th August 2012

If you're going on the Mont Blanc Circuit in August, it would be great to hear from you before we depart.


Hi Rebecca

I will be joining you on this one.



Hi I may be booking this holiday, taking myself off to the lakes later this week to see if fit enough to walk uphill on consecutive days have a dread of booking then being the one at the back that everyone has to wait for! Will be hoping there may still be spaces available if my legs cope. Julie 

Don't worry Julie. I am always  at the back of the group so you can keep me company. I aim to enjoy the walking so I never worry about keeping up with the athletes lol.


Hi all,

I will be on this tour as well, heading over from Sydney, AU.  Meeting you in Geneva.  I am also worried about consecutive days but I'm sure it will be fine :)  Hope the weather is nice!


Hi All,

 So good to hear from you all.

I have tried doing consecutive days but have failed so far. In fact I've had to buy new boots this week as I've been having so many problems with mine. I therefore will be joining you Maggie at the back of the group I'm sure.

Julie, did you book?

Maggie, are you flying from Heathrow?


Hi Rebecca

Yes I am flying from Heathrow. I will keep an eye out for you. Crikey its gonna be crowded at the back lol. I'm sure everyone will be fine with the walking. I'm more worried about wrestling with my tent lol. Looking forward to meeting you all.



Hi yes have just booked this holiday so only have a fortnight to wait. Flying from Newcastle to Heathrow and then on the flight to Geneva that company has booked. Feel a bit nervous at moment as have never done a walking holiday like this before but looking forward to it. My back is aching already thinking about 14 nights in a tent!


Hello all

I have just booked this trip as well. See you all soon. Counting down the days.


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