Mont Blanc Highlights - not long to go now!

Hi there!

Who else is off to Mont Blanc next month.  My partner and I are very much looking forward to it.  Has anyone out there done this trip already who would like to give us an insight?  Please get in touch, especially if you are flying from Heathrow - we can maybe meet up pre-flight.



Hi Alexandra, we re Paul and Yvonne. Also doing this trip with another couple Martin & Rosanna. We re going from city airport so can't meet before but se u in Geneva or Chamonix. Hope for good weather and fun week.not been to this,area before but fave been with exodus before so looking forward tho it.


Hi Paul, hi Yvonne and Martin and Rosanna - yes certainly, see you there!  Kevan and I have been with Exodus before too and know we should be in for an excellent week.  How seasoned are you all when it comes to hiking?  A few extra hours at the gym and a day or two's hill walking here in our very own Highlands before we go should make sure that we're up for what Exodus wants to throw at us!  I believe a mixture of clothing is recommended.



Hi Alexandra,

Sorry I've been away a while. We 've not been to this area before so are really looking forward to it. We are all regular walkers but due to other things Yvonne and I haven't done as much as we'd have liked.

Hoping for good weather but as always prepared for the worst. fingers crossed the predicted heatwave reaches Chamonix !



Yes, Paul, we're hoping for good weather too.  The heatwave has NOT reached Thurso and we're glad to be seated indoors waiting for the tennis to start.  We had planned walking today, but.... :( 

This time next week we will be in The Alps :))

Alex n Kevan 

We are on this trip flying from London City Airport. Am very confused as we booked early and assumed we would be part of the group flight. We are not apparently as this is the one flying from Heathrow. Plus if our flight is delayed they will wait for so long and then leave, whilst the group flight would be waited for if they are dealyed. We would have to make our own way to Chamonix and pay for it. This seems wrong when we booked early assuming transfers etc was included. Did others flying from City know about this? Technically we should arrive before the group flight and have to wait for them but you never know. (We were delayed for hours recently on the way to Venice.)  ps. We are looking forward to the holiday!

Rang Exodus, and we are not on the Group Flight though our original booking says that we are!



So we will see you in Geneva then?  The group with paulwilson (above comment) are leaving from City too - probably the same flight. So you won't be on your own.



I sincerely hope so! If delayed presumably will have to make own way to Chamonix and claim money back afterwards. It seems very odd not to have everyone on the same flight. I had assumed some people had arranged their own flights. I would have preferred to fly be on the Heathrow flight! It is later and we would have time to eat our breakfast in the hotel!

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