Mont Blanc to the matterhorn

Only a month to go. Any fellow travellers out there?

Hi Trev,

Yup - I'm one.  Less than one week to go.  I'm just looking at the forecast, and wondering how much cold & wet weather gear to take!


Lots of wet gear I think. Look forward to meeting you on Saturday evening.


Are you on the group flight?


I'm not, but I will be meeting up with the group at the airport, to join the transfer to Chamonix. I'll head for international arrivals when I get to the airport, but if you don't see me there and the transfer is close to leaving, I wonder if you could give me a call? My cell phone is +33 6 7299 1593.



I will not be at the airport. I am flying in from Manchester and will not be joining the group till the evening at the camp site. See you then.


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