I know it is still along way away, but I am so looking forward to this trip. I think it is wonderful that Exodus provides us with this forum to meet our fellow travelers beforehand. I know it will help reduce my fear factor considerably. I look forward to hearing from all my travel mates soon.


Hi, looks like I will be heading on same trip. Have camera, mozzy spray, & a sense of adventure.



Only a week away! Does anyone know if a sleeping bag is really necessary? I have been watching the weather and its 30-35 in the day time and 20ies at night. Am I looking at the wrong places? Also , do we need rain gear?

Hi Janet,

I don't really know - we're only 1 week into the you'll need a sleeping bag time of year but in the FAQ to 'Do I really need a sleeping bag just for one night?' the answer is just 'Yes'.  But then the temps on Exodus' temp log is low/mid 20s for Oct, which seem pretty low even with out this current heat wave....

Would be sooo much easier if we didin't have to bring one, as it could end up being the whole of my hand luggage!  Don't know if rain gear is essential but I'm definately bringing my really attractive rain coat, better safe than....

 Am sooo excited :)

See you next week



You can get a light weight 3 season sleeping bag which weighs about 600g. At night times temps an drop to 10-12C.

Thank you Cemalina - I have the bag, it's not so much the weight, as the space that's a pain but I'll definately be bringing it, can't do with being cold.....


If you get stuck chuck it into my daysac , there should be enough room. I have lightweighted everything for this trip. My usual gear is staying at home.



Thanks to a friend, I got my hands on a lovely bag I will be bringing. Did my trial pack and come out at 16lbs and still have lots of room. Must be missing something essential! 


I use an old canvas bag for my luggage & 2 cast off daysacs, a 30 & 15 litre from my brother which have served me well over the years. My Yorkshire terrier goes to kennels Sunday morning but gets his morning walk first. Then I fly to Heathrow. If it's like previous Exodus trips it will be great

Cemalina - thank you re. offer of daysac :).  Janet v. impressed with the packing light.  See you both on Sun


Hello everyone, I am taking a 3 season sleeping bag and a small pillow. I am travelling to heathrow by train from Cumbria on sunday am so will be a long day, but can't wait to set off. Sadley I have just lost my dog last week but she was a good age and had a good life......know the trip will cheer me up.It is my first trip, sorry I have not put a photo on I am not too good with the technical stuff.! See you all tomorrow.

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