Morocco and Vaccinations

Going to Morocco Atlas Panorama trip (TMP) and was surprised to see vaccinations recommended by Exodus. They say:

There are no mandatory vaccination requirements for this trip. Recommended vaccinations for this trip are: Polio, Tetanus, Typhoid,Hepatitis A.

The NHS site recommend:Courses or boosters usually advised: tetanus; hepatitis AVaccines sometimes advised: typhoid; diphtheria; hepatitis B; rabies; tuberculosis

ANy advice from oanyone about what is necessary? I will only be in the mountains for four days


The vaccines recommended are routine for travel abroad. We did this trip a couple of years ago. Great trip!

Hi, I did this trip last year and I didn't have the Hep B or Rabies vaccines and I don't think you'll find yourself in a situation where you need them if that makes sense. I also did the Highlights of Morocco trip this year without them.  I'm going to Peru later in the year and the advice I was given re. these two jabs was that Hep B is only really recommended for health professionals or people who plan to be working with children out there. Rabies comes from infected animal bites and the jabs are quite expensive (I think about £150 for the course of 3 jabs). However, if you are within 24 hours of being able to get the vaccine should you get bitten by something that is infected then you should be ok - the jabs just give you a bit longer to get treatment.

Having said that I'm not a doctor and you should do whatever you feel comfortable with, but thought I would share my experience and the advice I was given in case it helps. Enjoy the trip!


Hi, I have done Marocco last year and i didnt have vaccinations and any problems either.

When I went to Morocco last year I just popped down to the nurse at my GP's practice and they sorted out the recommended ones. Ended up getting Polio, Tetanus, Typhoid & Hepatitis A and some other one the nurse throught was relevent (I'm sure she just enjoyed stabbing me in the arm!).

It is however worth getting them if your going to travel a bit. For example, Hepatitis A you can get a booster 6-12 month's later which covers you for the next 10 years (or so) which saves you some jabs down the line.

Long and short of it, if your unsure check with your GP or practice nurse. Mine had a ton of info they provided for Morocco (and other place's I've been to). 

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