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I'm travelling to Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains in September and am starting to think about what i need to pack.  Any advice on clothes / kit needed for this trip?




Hi Jo

September is a tricky month to predict weather-wise so it is probably best to be prepared. It is usually quite hot so you can get away with walking most days in shorts and t-shirt but it is best to take a fleece and waterproof jacket as well (just in case).

The most important thing for me was a torch as you'll be surprised at how dark it can get at night in the mountains. I'd also take something warm for the evenings, as it can get chilly at the gite. Saying that, they have spare blankets if your sleeping bag isnt warm enough. Other essentials for your time at the gite are wet wipes, towel, small pillow, toilet paper and soap.

Although you can buy bottled water everywhere, I still recommend taking purification tablets, as recycling is completely inexistant in this part of Morocco. If you want to take anything for the Responsible Tourism project, many clients bring adult toothbrushes for the villagers and french educational material for the school.

I hope this was useful and let me know if you need anymore information. Have a great trip!

Thanks, Amanda


Thanks Amanda,  very helpful.  A couple more questions. 

Are hiking shoes sufficient or do i need my proper walking boots?We're travelling to Marrakech on our own, so when do we find out hotel details etc?Are there any specific dress code issues we should be aware off, i.e, bare shoulders, above the knee?



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