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Morocco - I can't wait

Hi, I'm going on the Marrakech and The Sahara trip and can't wait. Just posting a note to say hello :-)

Hi. Not long now. Im really looking forward seeing the desert and mountains. I've wanted to do this trip for a while now. Are you taking walking boots or shoes? I can't decide.


It is my first trip with Exodus and I'm very excited. I am thinking walking boots. Have you got an extra bag for camping? Ellen

An extra bag wont be a problem, just something light that can fold up easy. Ive camped out for one night in jordan and that was just amazing. Only prob with taking boots is that they are so heavy, well mine are. Should be nice and warm tho so wont need loads of heavy clothes. This will be my 5th exodus trip i think :-) Still gotta check my jabs are up to date! Miranda


My boots are heavy as well but thinking it would be worth it. I have my jabs tomorrow, not looking forward to that! Are you having Hep B? Ellen

I have just bitten the bullet and confirmed for the final place on this trip.... Not long to go now, must read the notes again and work out what I need myself! Tim 


 I can't wait to go I'm trying to get organised 


Hi Ellen
Ive just checked the trip notes and it doesnt say we need hep B so im gonna give that one a miss. Luckily all my other jabs are up to date.

Just preordered the max currency we are allowed in M Dirham which only works out at about £85. Oh and got a travel guide from amazon winging it's way over sometime soon. So... Just need to check I have all the other bits and bobs and book my ticket to the airport then I'm good to go! Not long now.

Hi Tim
Glad you got the last place on the trip. Have you done many exodus trips before?




Hi, how did you order the currency, I was told it is a closed currency and could only get it once in Morocco. I have been looking at my clothes and trying to work out what I need. 


Hi Ellen and Miranda. 

Sorry for the late reply.. only just started getting emails to say there had been updates on the thread this morning... they seemed to be from someone else ... and those posts have since disappeared!

Anyhow... I have been on a couple of Exodus trips already... Delhi > Kathmandu - which was amazing. I want to go back to India. The other trip I went on was Cape Town > Vic Falls, also very good. The Wildlife in Namibia was amazing - if you ever get the chance! 

 I don't think my Hep B is up-to-date but don't think it should be a problem for this trip. Blimey 5 wks, 3 days... must get organised...

As for the trek, I think I will prob take boots as they mention ankle support, bit of a faff... but as the trip isn't too long will hopefully be able to pack relatively lightly!



Hi. I ordered the money online via Thomas cook for pick up from the local agency. It was very straight forward, well, so far. As long as the money is there on Saturday! I will let you know. As for boots/shoes, I have both but am tempted to still go with the shoe option simply too keep weight and bulk to a min. The travel guide turned up yesterday so will have a good look through at where we are going and what to expect. Will hopefully figure out which plug adaptor I need too. I think the weather is meant to be quite nice when we go so I'm also hoping to keep clothing to a min too as I have to cater for a sleeping bag as well! M

Got the min amount allowed. Apparently the best way to buy more when we are there is to take sterling.



I have actually got around to printing and starting to digest the trip notes.. 

I am probably going to take some Sterling and swap it at the airport on arrival for money. From the trip notes it reckons you can only take 1000 Moroccan in (approx £75) .... as we need around £60 just for the kitty I will just change a bit more on arrival.

As for power adaptors... if it is for a phone / mp3 / camera... I have a couple of these ones which are quite good... They work in most countries and have a usb port so with a usb lead can charge a phone or mp3 etc.. Because they will also let you plug into a UK socket I also use them as spare usb chargers here sometimes... saves carrying extra adaptors. A few manufacturers make similar designs, but I did read a few rough reviews on Amazon...

I am slightly concerned that the trip notes suggest a 4 season sleeping bag for March departures... as it is April the next day (3 Season suggested) I am hoping my 2 to 3 season bag and silk liner will be upto the mission! Only needed for one or two nights anyway so can always wrap up a bit I guess..

I think I have most of the rest of the kit (although I am sure I will find a few more bits I "need" to take! So hope that everyone else's prep is ok.. we will be there in 4 weeks!



Hi Tim
I also have a 3 season bag but I'm sure that will be fine. I did the Jordan trip which involved one night in the desert with the same bag and that was in November! Travel adaptors are next on my hit list and generally checking I have enough of the right kind of clothes, batteries etc etc. Getting excited about it now it's so close. :-) M

Hello All!

 Just wanted to say hello, i'm coming on the trip too! Not long to go and i'm still completely unorganised! We should arrange a coffee meet-up at the airport? I'm sure we'll all be easily identified!


Hi Romina.

Ha ha - organised - what is that?

A meetup at Heathrow sounds good, I was going to suggest somethign similar. Have you been on any Exodus trips before?


I was supposed to be doing this exact trip in october however dues to ermmmm a slight problem I was unable to go! I'm sure i'll have plenty of time to explain on the holiday!

Any idea who's coming on the trip with us?


I am going to try and look at everything tomorrow and work out my clothes, footwear etc. 

Getting very excited. Meeting up would be good.  



Hi all  I'm coming too but to be honest I haven't got much sorted as work seems to be getting in the way - so am hoping have everything I need from previous hols!! Next weekend must sit down and sort things! An airport meet would be good



Hello all

Thought I would say hello too, as I'm coming as well.

Like Ellen, first trip for me with Exodus and very excited. Thanks for the excellent and useful advice above as currently in the category of "not organised" at all.

Meeting at Heathrow would be good.


I've been totally snowed under at work and am now slightly panicking that I'm running out of time to get stuff sorted. Meeting at the airport sounds good. Although I might be trying to buy batteries and last minute stuff too.


and i've realised how little time off from work I have until we leave....

 Re meeting, I guess it may prove difficult however i'm likely to be getting my final coffee kick in Costas before we fly so if anyone is passing call in?? That may just be easier....i'll have a red rose in my hair...haha


Hi Romina

Maybe we should all have something red? I will have a red rucksack. Will look out for you.



Sounds good I will find something red !!

Hope you are all well. see you in 10 days !!


Panic. Just realised it's a week to go and I hadn't even read the trip notes. Thanks for all the advice in the preceeding messages. No Dirhams, no hiking boots and nothing red but will probably be loitering around Costas! Kevin


Ok so with a week to go I decided I really should get organised - so got my bag and sleeping bag down from the loft  and now have a week to panic over what clothes and how many pair of shoes! No doubt I will pack way too much - I really shoud have learnt by now ! Will look out for people wearing red round costas!

  how much money is anyone taking ??


Hi. I think to cover the basics we're looking at around £210 but thats not allowing for buying many souveniers or alcohol! id rather have more with me just to be on the safe side. Any advances on £210? M

I was thinking about a similar amount of GBP. Also will have cards for ATM's where they do happen to exist and a bit of spare cash on top of that just in case. Always hard to pitch the amount to take!

As for meeting at the airport, my wardrobe is a bit lacking in red at the moment...(Maybe I am not up with this season :-0) However I will have my mobile with me and will be attempting to check in on the early side as I am a bit tall and like to try and get a exit row seat if I can. So my mob no is 07740 283420 if anyone wants to text at the airport and will aim for rendezvous at Costa.

Now must really start that packing list...

Cheers and meet you soon

Is everyone taking immodium tablets and rehydration salts? What about sun screen - I have factor 15 but now im thinking it might need to be stronger, apparently the avg temp is 29c right now!

I've got plenty of immodium to go around, and wet wipes and alcohol gel to clean an entire school trip of children!haha Yes I see that the temperatures are around 29c, maybe a higher factor would be better? I have factor 15 but i've got olive skin and plenty of loose fitting flowing tops to cover me up!

Think i'll take around £200 and have my card on me as there should be plenty hole in the walls in Marrakech.

I haven't even started to think about foot wear...arghh 6 days to go! Getting excited now!

I've just realised i've not got any yet! Did everyone just go for the Exodus cover?

I took the exodus travel ins. I'm panic buying last minute stuff today! :-/

Has anyone received the final joining instructions yet?

Previous docs mention that they will be sent out at least a week before the trip and I haven't seen them yet.


Hi Tim. I've had the joining instructions for a while, well for a couple of weeks at least. Miranda

Thanks Miranda, will chase them up

Been keeping an eye on the weather forecast for next week... it's looking like a real mixed bag! Time to re-evaluate what to pack again. M

Hi Eveyone, I'm going on this trip too, looking forward to it although not at all organised! Thanks for all the tips. I read a few reviews for the trip that said bags often don't make the Casablanca-Quarzazate connection so the advice is to take a change of clothes etc in our handluggage. I'll be doing that for sure but more because my sleeping bag takes up half my luggage so will need to overflow to my handluggage! Looking forward to meeting you all :)                                                                                               Lynne

Welcome Lynne! Where did you hear that the bags don't make the Casablanca-Quarzazate connection ? May have to rethink the packing for the 100th time this week! Weather looks like a complete mixed bag next week, so i'm packing a bit of everything!

Hi Romina! Sorry didn't mean to stress you with the packing! I just read it on the Exodus site, if you look at the reviews of the trip by people who have already done it. There were just a couple who said their bags didn't make it, they did get them a couple of days later though. Best to be prepared just in case. I'm like you, just taking a bit of everything and hope for the best! Hope your re-packing goes ok!


Wow can't believe we have one day to go. I have read that as well Lynne, I have a change of clothes in my hand luggage but I am worried about my bag size!!

Can't wait to meet you all, I have not got anything red but will keep an eye out. 


Hi Ellen. Why are you worried about your bag size? Is it huge? Miranda

and i'm working all day tomorrow.....keep wishing and praying that the weather forecast will change to glorious sunshine all week!  See you saturday!


Hi, Miranda - it's not huge but is a little bulky with pockets. 

Sun would be good, I have packed layers 

See you all tomorrow


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