Mount Kilimanjaro-rongai route: 3rd July 2010

Hi everyone,

 Is there anyone climbing Mount Kilimanjaro-rongai route, departing on 2nd/3rd  July 2010? My name is Helen,  I live in London.  I would get to know the other travellers in my group that are going on the same trip. Perhaps we could all arrange a meet up before the trip to get to know each other and perhaps share  training tactics and ideas ?

Please get in touch



My name is Jas and I live in Milton Keynes. It would certainly be worthwhile getting to know each other before the departure. Would Exodus provide us with other people's details?


Hi, Helen and Jas.

I have booked on this trip as well. My name is Greg. I live on the outskirts of Liverpool. London would be a bit far for me to travel to meet but do you both have MSN or an email adress so we could contact each other that way. If we all have MSN we could all arrange to be online at the same time to chat? My Msn address is [email protected] if you would like to add me and arrange this or contact me by email?

Hi, Greg and Jas.  My email address is [email protected], I will try and setup an MSN account this weekend so that we can all get in touch. Jas - I contacted exodus to find out the names of the other people on our group but due to client confidentiality they were unable to provide me with any other names.  So have either of your guys applied for your visa yet? - I haven't but thinking of doing it soon, the weeks seem to be flying  by only 7 weeks to go <gulp>! Well- I look forward to receiving either an email/ MSN time off you soon.  Hels



How is everyone's training going?


Hi, Helen, Greg and Jas. 

I just found this page and wanted to say hello before meeting you all this weekend. My name is Marcy, and I live in Washington, DC. I'll be meeting up with the group at the pre-climb hotel, so don't get to be too close before then ;-) See you soon. ~Marcy

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