Mount Toubkal Climb

Looking forward to my trip to Morocco to climb Mount Toubkal in September - this will be my first trip involving camping and mountain climbing - not quite sure what to expect  - is anyone else going on this trip?


Hi Dina,

Yes I am on that trip! Looking forward to it hugely. Have done a few other things like Annapurna Sanctuary trip, Kilimanjaro, and quite a few others. A friend recommended Toubkal he loved it and I am sure we will have an amazing time. Perhaps we can meet at the airport if you are on the same EasyJet flight as me?

Best wishes



Hi Andrew,

Lovely to hear from you, I was beginning to think I was going on my own!

The Annapuran Sanctury trip sounds interesting and Kilimanjaro sounds tough - I look forward to hearing all about them.  I'm very much looking looking forward to the Toubkal trip.  It will be great to have a seasoned trekker in the group - any top tips?

I'm on a BA flight, flying out from Gatwick mid afternoon on Sunday 8th.  If you are flying out from Gatwick at around the same time we could defintely meet up for coffee at the airport.

Regards, Dina 






Hi another fellow traveller reporting in. Will be flying out from Luton so will catch up with you both at the hotel. Gosh we certainly could be in for a bit of an adventure this is all on good authority from the sales guy who sold me my walking boots. Any good tips on essential kit to bring do let me know. Kate


Hi Dina,

Good to hear from you, sadly I fly from Gatwick but by Easyjet leaves at 6.40 am Yuk not my favourite time of day. I gather that they want you there three hours before take off. Not much point in going to bed so will catch up in the hotel I'll be the sleepy one!,

Hi Kate, a bit presumptous of me to give tips but walk slowly, drink lots of water and stay warm at the top would be my three tips. I gather they recommend we bring a duvet jacket could be -5 with wind chill on the summit!


Please dont forget to bring ear plugs people always snore at altitude!


Hi Andrew, thanks for coming back to me.  Not long now, see you at the hotel!!  Great tips, particularly re the ear plugs, many thanks.

Hi Kate, look forward to meeting you.  This is my first tip trekking, so I'm afraid I do not have any useful tips.  I purchased most of items listed on the Exodus list with the assistance of a great sales guy at Blacks in Clapham.  I'll be back there this week to purchase ear plugs!!

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