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Mount Toukbel trek leaving the 9th of June

Tue, 04/09/2013 - 21:29

Hi, anyone on this trip. My first time but really excited. Would love to know who else is going :)

Wed, 04/17/2013 - 17:58

Hey Annie - I'm on this trip too, going with my mate Sam. Looking forward to it!


Sat, 04/20/2013 - 22:48

Annie :) Great look forward to meeting you both. been to Marrakesh before and love the city, the trek is new to me but so excited about going. It looks so beautiful. Anyone else out there???

Sun, 06/02/2013 - 20:07

Well a week to go and counting, apparently there are 11 of us on the trip, will be in Gatwick for about 12.30. Anyone else out there???? Looking forward to meeting everyone and am getting quite excited :)

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