Mountain biking from Lhasa to Kathmandu

Just wondered whether there's anyone else out there going on the above trip?


Hi David

 I'm going. Can't wait.



Hi Mike,

Ditto - and I paid for ityesterday so no going back now!

 I'm still debating about whether to hire or take my own bike. I think hiring is probably less hassle.

Are you taking your own bike or hiring?

 Where's home for you? I'm just souh of Edinburgh.



I'm hiring a bike through Exodus as I haven't actually got a mountain bike. I use a hybrid at home and I'm told its just not up to the job.

 Have you done anything like this before? I'm a little concerned about the altitude. Living in Lincolnshire means I'm rarely higher than 10 feet above sea level and that's only when I'm upstairs.


I've got a mountain bike but I think it works out quite expensive to ship it out, insure it, etc, so I think I'll hire.

I've been to Nepal before ad been at altitude a couple of times. First time I had a headache for a week but the last time I was fine, it's said that you just can't predict how you'll be. Though all those passes at 5,000m will be a challenge - I've always walked before, no idea what cycling will be like.

I'm just practicing at being able to cycle for a little more distance at the moment.




Hi Fellows!I’m travelling with you in September. I’m very excited and scared of the altitude at the same time, but I don’t think there is anything we could do. So let’s wait and see how we perform in the thin air J.I’m from Sheffield and am hiring a bike in Kathmandu by the way.Speak to you soon!PeteP.S. Mike, are you climbing up your stairs on your bike J?


I've started my next phase of training...carbohydrate loading!! I'm not sure what difference it will make to my cycling, it's just an excuse to eat chips and cake for the next 3 weeks.


Hi Pete and welcome, I know of at least oe other person going so that's four..


High carb diet? Welcome to the club then :)! We’ll all start proper dieting in Tibet as I heard that the food in there is rather basic. 

I might be wrong, but as there are only 3 spaces left, there should be 13 people in the group already (the maximum is 16). We’ll see soon!

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